Yoga is an ancient Indian disciple that goes back to 5000BC. It has two distinct aspects, namely the physical and the spiritual, which at the advanced stage merge together into a single entity. The power of Yoga can be seen from a demonstration by a yogi who came to the USA in the early part of the 20th century. Doctors were baffled when the yogi who sat in a chair and meditated had different temperatures in both his hands. One of the hands was ice cold and the other was very hot. This difference in temperatures of the hands could not be explained by anybody.

The swami had a simple explanation and announced that he had mastered this technique through the assiduous practice of Yoga.

Sir asana and ESP

Yogic poses are referred to as asanas and the king of all asanas is the sir-asana or head stand. As per swami Shraddanand, sir asana has a direct connection to ESP. Many Americans also attended the swami's ashram and followed the teachings of the swami. The swami further explained that a continuous practice of the headstand sometimes going up to an hour led to the spermatozoaof the man slowly trickling down the spine and over a period of time when this speromotozatouched the brain, the yogi will develop ESP.

An American man later in a letter confessed to me that he had mastered this pose and also developed some ESP. The swami also advised to give up all meats and alcohol and also become celibate for the realization of this potential.

Developing powers

Ancient Indian saints and yogi's developed extra sensory powers through yoga. Now yoga has gone global with the UN declaring June 21st as the World Yoga Day.

But the yoga followed is only the physical aspects and the spiritual aspect including deep meditation is not touched. There has been no research on whether a man who does continuous yogic asanas like the headstand will develop extra sensory powers. Yet this claim of Swami Shraddanand cannot be dismissed out of hand. Greater research is called for and now that the world has accepted yoga, there is every chance that many will like to develop the spiritual side as well.

The yogic asanas are popular in America and I suppose many will try and reach the pinnacle of yogic thought by trying to develop extra-sensory powers.

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