In a world that is constantly pushing sugary sweets on you, claiming that they taste better, America has found another alternative. People are flocking to juice bars, adding whole grains into their diet, and choosing better for you meals. While not everyone has made the conversion, it is possible to eat healthy and have great tasting food as well. As an example, here is a full menu of good for you food.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

For those who like to skip breakfast, they may not know that eating breakfast aides in weight loss.

The National Weight Control Registry reported that those who ate a daily breakfast lost 30 lbs and were able to keep it off after a year. Of course there are some important rules to eating breakfast. First, skip the pork in favor of turkey based meat. This can be turkey sausage or bacon, but pork, no matter what the form, is bad for you. Next, opt for whole grains found in meals like oatmeal. Add in some heart healthy fruit like blueberries, bananas or natural sugar and finish it off with either a glass of water or juice.

Voila! You have your delicious breakfast.

The lunch truck

So it's important to eat every couple of hours. While breakfast might be your most important meal of the day, lunch should be your biggest meal of the day. Eat some pesto pasta with either meatballs or turkey sausage.

Squeeze a bit of lemon juice to add a bit of acidity and finish with a glass of water. Your meal will taste so amazing, that others will believe you hired a professional chef.

Dine on dinner

Dinner is the time when families get together to share the day's stories.

It's also the time when people blow their diet by eating any and everything. Remember, you're going to bed, not preparing for your day. The only thing your eating for is energy to get through the night. So your meal should be similar to lunch, but lighter portions. For an easy dinner, soup is the best, preferably with chicken or turkey. These meats have the ingredient tryptophan, which is a natural sleep inducer. You can add noodles or rice to the soup, vegetables (preferably green vegetables) and even some garlic bread to make the meal classier. If you want to add a side of fresh fruit for dessert, even better.

Then, as always, finish it off with water. Dinner is done!

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