Working from home

I am acontractor and work online from home and have been for the past 7 years. This means both some wonderful benefits, as well as challenges.One, I love working from home. It’s a dream. Working from home was a goal for me and I love how I was able to manifest that into my life.I enjoy getting up in the morning and leisurely making my coffee and walking over to my laptop on the couch in my pajamas.On the flip side, I am a single mom and I have kids running around as I work. They want to be entertained and to get out of the house while I’d be perfectly fine working all day.

It’s a difficult balance.

Trying to work and take care of your kids so the tv doesn’t become their baby sitter.During the summer months, when there is no school I have an even bigger challenge of keeping them occupied. Before the summer time stressed me out because I had to both work and keep the kids from tearing each other’s hair out.I knew I had to make some changes.Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years and hopefully this helps you during your summer working months:

  1. Be mobile. I have a laptop and a tablet I can work from. This helps me go to the pool, park or other outings so the kids can play and I can work nearby. I find this is essential.
  2. Be flexible. I begin work at 5 am and work hard until 10 am. This gives me a good chunk of time to get things done in relative quiet. I then finish up my day in the late afternoon.
  3. Let your employer know. If you are employed and work from home, don’t be afraid to tell your employeer that sometimes you will have to attend to your kids. If you need from 12 to 3 to spend time with them, keep your employer informed so they know what to expect from you and your time.
  4. Work with your kids. Make sure your kids know you need time to work. Let them know what they can do during this time. Such as watch TV for a half hour, read, work on crafts or play with friends. Have everything ready for them so they can do as much as possible on their own. Let them know at what time you will be able to be with them 100%.
  5. Be honest with yourself. Know what you are capable of. If working at home with kids will stress you out, find full-time summer care for them. Working at home with kids isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Phone calls get interrupted. You will have to stop in the middle of a project to attend to a call for a drink. Working in this situation can be overwhelming so be honest with yourself if this is how you can work.


Working from home has many benefits.

I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids and I have been working like this for years and we have it down now pretty good. Yet it did take time and effort on all of our parts to make it work.They understand that just because mommy is home, doesn’t mean I have the time to play at the moment, but I will later.Which reminds me, it’s time to grab my laptop and head to the pool with my children.

And despite sometimes being a crazy work schedule, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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