I have been test driving and offering up my 2 cents worth of a review on cars for a couple of months now. I did car reviews once before for about 6 months, but that was nearly 10 years ago, right before the car industry in the US took a big hit. It wasn't my fault. Really. But I still get blamed.

What's the Best Car to Drive?

In the past 2 months, I have driven some top notch cars.

Question: Which is best?

Answer: If there were a best, everyone would be driving the same car.

Different cars serve different purposes. But there might be a best looking car.

This past week was the first time somebody actually dropped their jaw and commented on the look of the car I was driving.

On a weekly run to a local food pickup, a couple of the ladies gave me a bug-eyed look and one spoke to me, "That's a beautiful looking car."

What's the Best Looking Car?

The car I was driving was the 2016 Outlander Sport 2.4 GT 2WD 4-Dr SUV - Octane Blue.

These women see me weekly and always in a different car. (I pick up food for my in-laws). Indeed, they must wonder why I am always driving something different. I never say.

The SUV for this 2016 Outlander Sport stands for Stylish, Uplifting, Vehicle.

The car is VERY family friendly. Very neighborhood kids friendly.

It was a real breeze to take my daughter, her best friend and little sister to Vacation Bible School, not to mention there is a lot of room in the back for all the crafts, too!

What Dashboard is Most User Friendly?

The dashboard is terrifically user friendly. I love an upscale car until I am faced with a manual the size of a Winston Churchill biography. There was no problem navigating the dashboard in this 2016 Outlander Sport 2.4 GT 2WD 4-Dr SUV.

Sometimes, I just want to drive.

The Outlander Sport 2.4 GT 2WD 4-Dr SUV was there for me.

Bluetooth test - My record for getting my cell phone connected to the Bluetooth in a new and unfamiliar car - 12 secs. This car took me more than 2 minutes of poking around.

Obligatory Feedback - This still puzzles me. Sometimes when I pressed the button to turn off the car, the car wouldn't turn off.

"Beep beep!"


I had to go back and turn the car on, then back off. I still don't know why. Probably something wrong with my finger.

Specifications: In the images above

Price as driven: $26,845.

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