On this Mother's Day and continuing through June 30, 2016, The Rowan University Art Gallery West is featuring a special exhibit calledThe Sister Chapelon their campus in Glassboro, NJ. at 201 Mullica Hill Road,

The Sister Chapel.

The Sister Chapel, a collaborative installation containing the artwork of 12 women was conceived in 1974 by Ilese Greenstein and first exhibited in 1978. The tented Sister Chapelwhich frames this exhibit was designed in 1976 by Maureen Connor. Due to space and financial constraints, it was not feasible to construct what is on display now.

The tent for this exhibit which had its Grand Opening during Women's History Month, was created using Nylon and Velour over a PVC framework.

Heroic women.

Ilese Greenstein (1928-1985) not only conceived this project, she contributed its 18 foot abstract ceiling which is suspended above a circular arrangement of eleven nine-foot canvases, each depicting the standing figure of a heroic women. Each artist chose her own unique subject matter. The other artists contributing art to this collaboration included: Betty Holiday (1925-2011); June Bloom; Martha Edelheit; Diana Kurz; Elsa M.

Goldsmith (1920-2005); Cynthia Mailman; Alice Neel (1900-1984); Shirley Gorelick (1924-2000); May Stevens; Sharon Wybrants; and Sylvia Sleigh (1916-2010) all whose work was completed almost four decades ago at the height of the Women's Art Movement.

Panel discussion.

Relatives of Ilese Greenstein, Elsa M.Goldsmith, and Shirley Gorelick attended the exhibit opening and reception which included a panel discussion with five of the surviving contributors to "The Sister Chapel and Maureen Connor who designed the tent that would house this installation.

Much has changed in the art world.

So much has changed from the Art world of the 1970s and 80s when it comes to creating and marketing one's artwork. What used to take years does not have to. Today with digital marketing, digital art creation and apps such as you would find on AppleDevices or other devices, plus social media platforms, digital Artphotography, mobile marketing, video and publicity all can happen now at the click of a mouse at a very fast pace.In an interview with Jo Ann Goldsmith, CEO of Authentic Branding With Heart, and daughter of artist Elsa M.

Goldsmith, known for her humanistic realism, we learned that "Elsa created almost 700 works of art during her lifetime including oil on canvas, watercolor, conte, etchings, lithographs, greeting cards and industrial design.

Amazing artists.

Jo Ann said, "I am taking this Mother's Day to celebrate and reflect on how living your passion and following your heart can create lasting monuments that speak louder than words. I am proud of my mother's contribution to the Women's Art Movement. I am grateful to be sharing this story on Mother's Day and know that these amazing artists: six of whom are no longer with us, must be smiling down from Heaven and be amazed to be appearing in an online publication, something that did not exist when this art was created."

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