It’s no secret that obesity is at an all time high all over North America, and in many other areas of the world. Diabetes, a frequently preventable condition, is also reaching epidemic proportions.

The proliferation of prepared foods in our diets means that we have much less control over what goes into our bodies than we used to have.

Sugar is everywhere

One of the best steps you can take to improve your health and lose those pounds is to cut sugar from your diet. Sugar has sneaked in to so many foods that you wouldn’t even imagine it should be in that it would shock you. But, before you turn the color of an angel food cake, take a look at some of the easiest ways to begin eliminating the white stuff from our daily diets.

Read labels

On Sunday at our house, cooking is something no one wants to do—meaning, I don’t want to do it since I’m the main cook here. For lunch, we frequently open a can of soup, grab a bun, and slice some cheese. One day, the soup tasted funny. On further examination, we realized that the beef vegetable soup was liberally laced with sugar—in this case, 10 grams per serving. That converts to over 2 teaspoons of sugar!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not in the habit of ladling beef soup into my bowl and dumping a couple of teaspoons of sugar into it before eating. This begs the question: what is sugar doing in my soup?

What those numbers mean

If you are serious about cutting sugar from your diet, reading labels is a good place to start.

Since sugar is naturally occurring in many foods, it’s important to read the total carbohydrates in a serving. This can of soup also has potatoes and carrots in it, which up the sugar content of a serving to 29 grams, which weighs in at 5.8 teaspoons per bowl. (Potatoes are one of the highest glycemic foods around, but more on that later.)

I would never sit down and stuff nearly 6 full teaspoons of sugar in my mouth, would you?

So by simply reading labels and choosing products that have lower carbohydrate levels, I can instantly lower my sugar intake painlessly.

Watch for Part 2 of this series to learn more easy ways to slash your sugar intake painlessly.

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