Darren Waldholz, an entrepreneur with a vision, realized that singles were in need of new ways to meet potential people to date. He knew that many single men and women were scared to step out of their comfort zones to get started. What started with a job working for a friend who was hosting pre-dating events for single people inspired Darren to buy the company and expand the business.

Fast forward.

Fast forward 12 years and you'll find Darren Waldholz at some of the most popular night spots in America as the host of monthly Lock and Key Events which helps men and women meet and interact and potentially spark enough interest for some of them to begin dating.

Reasonable fee.

For a reasonable fee to attend a two-hour event at a great venue, the participants can stay in the venue and continue enjoying their evening following the Lock and Key event. Admission to the Lock and Key events which are held monthly in major cities across America includes one alcoholic beverage. In South Florida, Lock and Key Events are held at venues including nightclubs near the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and in Downtown Delray Beach at Honeys.

According to Darren, "it's not unusual to see the quietest and reserved of participants interacting and having conversations with others as the evening progresses."

Ladies lock.

At each Lock and Key event, the ladies are each given a lock which is attached to a chain which is placed around their necks.

The men are each given a key and they must go around the room and attempt to open the locks. Each time a man's key opens a ladies' lock the participants receive points which can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the evening.


Prizes are donated by sponsors. These sponsors have the opportunity to tell the event participants about their products or services. Some of the businesses will take a table at the event to meet participants and display company information.

Validate Dating. a New Dating Site Sponsored a Lock and Key Event.

New website.

This new website launched in Florida with four principals: one female programmer and two men: two private investigators and one former law enforcement- all determined to create and develop "The Safest Dating Site in the World." This dating site is called "Validate Dating" and it requires applicants have a background check.

According to Validate Dating, a site which turns down more than half of those who apply, "people who are in the market to date want to be protected from those potential dates who have bad backgrounds."


Validate dating, which launched in Florida, now is accepting single men and women from anywhere in the USA any anyone outside the US is not eligible to participate. Anyone with experience in online dating could probably tell you about experiences with dates that have not been pre-screened. Clearly there are horror stories most of us would prefer to avoid.


We are all potentially vulnerable when we attempt to meet strangers.

Celebritiesand high-profile singles from the world of sports, music [VIDEO], entertainment, television and politics are subject to constant scrutiny and are often in the media. These individuals want to meet others and find love and at the same time they want toprotect their reputations and image and they are vulnerable to problems like publicity and paparazzi. There will be many people happy that someone came up with the Validate Dating business.

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