Don't take my word for it. One of Yoda's most famous quotes is, "Do or do not. There is no try."Psychologically, saying the word "try" projects an aura of failure. Humans react to this word by thinking they don't really have to succeed, but just give minimal effort and then that's OK.If in everyday life we want to be successful and make a commitment to excellence, substituting the action word "do" for the dirty little three letter word "try" in our everyday vocabulary can make a HUGE difference in whether or not we achieve our goals.

Substitute "do" for "try" and then see how much more you can accomplish

Think about the times you've said "try" recently and then ask yourself what you really meant to say.

For example, if a friend of yours contacted you and then asked if you wanted to meet them and a group of friends for an activity after work or school, and you said you would "try" to make it, what were you really saying? You were probably thinking you couldn't make it, but wanted to let them down easy by using "try" instead of just saying you had other plans, or just plain did not want to go.

Eliminate the habit of "try" for more success in life

This may sound like an innocent use of the word "try," but in reality, once the attitude of mediocrity and lack of clarity creeps into your vocabulary and life, it becomes harder and harder to avoid.Saying "try" instead of "do" is habit forming.

Once humans form habits, it's almost impossible to change them. To change the habit and mindset you need to become aware of when and how you use "try." See if you can write down the number of times you use the word. Most smartphones have a memo app that you can use to tally how many times you say "try" in a day. Just write the word "try" in a new memo so that it's easy to find, and just put an "x" next to it each time you use the word.

If you have time, write down a few key words to help you remember the circumstances. Once a day, check your tally and review why you said it. Think to yourself about what would have been different had you substituted the word "do" for "try." Chances are your attitude and communication and actions would have been very different.

Feel better with success

Using "do" instead of "try" will help you feel better about yourself.

You will achieve more, communicate better and others will perceive you as being honest and a "doer." Honest doers get better jobs, achieve more and live happier lives. I'll stop short of saying that if you eliminate "try" from your vocabulary you will live longer, but studies show that stress can be a top reason for health problems. People who don't keep their promises or feel like they mislead others or don't communicate well experience more stress in their lives. So take the plunge! Eliminate that dirty little three letter word from your vocabulary, substitute "DO," and then see how much more you accomplish, and feel good DOING it!

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