Tipped to be the next big thing in urban pop,Tay Tay (Tay Starhz), Jude Read, Ed Goacher, and Carl Hainsby (collectively known asFranklin Lake) have built up quite a following online and are set to launch their new single"Fighter"later this month. The boys are no doubt hoping the song carries on from where their previous single"Supersonic"left off.

That song reached number nine in theMusic Week Commercial Pop Chartand led to a collaboration with mobile phone cover companyGooey HQ, namely the band's first collection ofselfie phone casessold exclusively inLondon'sSelfridges.

A group of "Fighters"

"'Fighter'was written about the people that try and put you down and show negativity when it comes to chasing your dreams," explainsTay Tay, "and all that does is make you 'fight' for what you believe in.

There have been individuals involved with us on ourmusical journeysand elements of our experiences with them have been put into our lyrics."

"'Fighter' is a tune we wanted to put out," addsJude. "No expectations; we just enjoy the process of creatingmusicand then releasing the track. We don't put ourselves in one box, ascreativitytakes us into different genres and different music we enjoy. Our themes depend on our moods. Our music and lyrics are about real life and real life experiences."

Franklin Lake selfie cases

Jude and Carl elaborated further on the deal withGooey HQ: "On the selfie cases arelyricstaken from our first EP,Supersonic. One case has the lyric: 'It only matters when I hear you' and another has 'I can't talk about it.' Inside each case is a little bio about us and all our social media links.

Tay Taymet some lovely people at an event and pulled the whole thing together."

Big-time performers

As revealed earlier, the group have already shared the stage with some very well-known acts. "We are honoured to have appeared at eventsalongside many big names," enthuses Ed. "We have had wonderful experiences and it's difficult to say which has been the most memorable.

Each moment is treasured."

The Franklin Lake Sound: Something for everyone

Franklin Lakeput out their above-mentioned EP (that contained four tracks, including "Supersonic") in July last year. Will there be a full-lengthalbumat some point? "One thing we are proud of is that we've always worked onoriginal material," observes Carl.

"We areblessedto have a team behind us who work alongsideFranklin Lake, so an album is ready to go whenever we are. Thealbumwill be a timeless piece, as we believe we have our own sound - the Franklin Lake Sound with something for everyone."

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