The final leg of my personal "Road toWrestleMania" vacation was a 2-day trek from Dallas, Texas to Des Moines, Iowa with planned stops in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Joplin, Missouri. After nearly a week of taking in all that WWE had to offer surrounding WrestleMania 32, it was time to head back to reality.

After the amazing post-WrestleManiaMonday Night RAW experience, I left my hotel in Dallas a little after noon on Tuesday morning, planning to visit a friend in Fayetteville and staying in a hotel there.

It would be about 325 miles from one hotel to the next, and after a week that also included NXT TakeOver: Dallasand watching my Columbus Crew SC battle FC Dallas. My personal fuel for the driveincluded two 16 oz. Monster Energy Drinks ($3 total, thanks to a special at the gas station) and three drive-thru tacos ($3.70 after tax).

I had about 750 miles total to go from Dallas to Des Moines via Fayetteville and Joplin.

After five busy days in Dallas, I wanted to make an overnight stop about haflway through, and one of my best friends lives in Fayetteville. Plus, that would make a quick stop in Joplin (more on that below) extremely convenient.

When I arrived at my hotel in Fayetteville, I had to be transferred to a neighboring establishment, because they did not have any roll-in showers, despite that specific feature being advertised for the room I had booked.

This isn't as uncommon of a Travel issue as one would hope. The ordeal was resolved in about 45 minutes, although I'm still dealing with all of the paperwork to make sure I'm not charged for anything.

I made the initial reservation using loyalty rewards points through the same hotel brand I'd been staying at in Dallas, so there was no cost for the stay. To make sure I ate something that was a staple of the city, we had dinner at a place called the Catfish Hole.

For two people (including medium-sized adult meals of fried catfish and the fixings) the meal was$35, after tip and taxes.

Although it wasn't completely necessary, I decided to take another leisurely break in Joplin, Missouri a few hours after my final day of the trip got under way. The route from Fayetteville to Des Moines would be just under 425 miles.My plan to stop in Joplin was purely nostalgic: from 2001-2003, I attended school in Joplin at Ozark Christian College. I took the opportunity to see how much had changed in over a decade since I last attended.While most of the classes appeared to be over for the day, I got a chance to take a look at the chapel and some of my old classrooms while they were unoccupied.

The stop cost me nothing except my time.

The drive from Joplin to Des Moines is just under 350 miles, so I couldn't make it without just one more stop. While I filled up with gas in Cameron, Missouri, the gas station had an ice cream chain connected to it. The thought of strawberry ice cream with pinneapple and a cake cone sounded fantastic. At a total of$5.08 ($3.08 for the snack and a $2 tip), it tasted well worth it.

Between Dallas and Des Moines, I had to stop for gas twice.

Interested to learn what sort of gas mileage I was making, I made sure to keep track. I filled up with 12.996 gallons after logging 255.3 miles on my way to Fayetteville — 19.64 miles/gallon. It cost me$22.60($1.739/gallon in Durant, Oklahoma). My next fill-up came at a personal single-tank record of 308.9 miles, which got me to Cameron where I filled up for$23.66.

On the road, between energy drinks and fast food, I parted with$11.78 over the course of two days, supplemented by my leftover snacks from the trip down and a$35 catfish dinner for two.Filling up at the gas station twice set me back a total of$46.26.Since I didn't take in any "events" my last two days and didn't have to pay for a hotel room, mytotal expenditure for Days 7 & 8: $93.04.

Total Spent on theWrestleMania 32 Dallas Road Trip: $2350.37.

While some corners could have been cut to keep the trip more affordable, the trip was well worth it.

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