Having been in Dallas since very late Wednesday evening, Sunday morning meant I was just hours away from the big event that inspired my 10th annual "Road to WrestleMania." After takinga day to recover from my drive, experiencing "NXT TakeOver: Dallas" on Friday, and watching the Columbus Crew SC at FC Dallas on Saturday, it was finally the day of "WrestleMania 32."

With 10,000 people selling out the NXT show, the madness of 100,000 people at "WrestleMania 32" was sure to be out of control. With the kick-off show scheduled to begin at 4:00, I left my hotel before 1:00.

I managed to beat any serious traffic. Since I'd only spent $10 on parking so far, I shelled out $60 to park in the lot closest to AT&T Stadium.

When they didn't let anyone in until almost 3:40, I ended up making several trips back to my car. The $60 parking spot actually paid off. My wheelchair allowed me to cut through a lot of the line, and I made it to my designated seat with plenty of time to spare.

Since physical tickets were required for "WrestleMania 32," I had made my purchase through StubHub the morning before I left home.

The ticket was for a floor seat in the section next to the entrance ramp. While there was no charge to have the ticket shipped to me via UPS at my hotel in Dallas, the price itself hurt a little:$508.34 (after all applicable taxes and fees).

My seat, however, was in the very middle of the row— not at all handicap accessible.

After talking with customer service, they moved me to a section on the opposite side of the ring from the entrance ramp. While it was a little further away than my first seat, it actually had a better view. And to top it all off, anyone seated in my new section got to take home their WrestleMania chair as a souvenir!

The real killer for me at Mania was the ridiculous mark-up on concessions. Name-brand liquor from the bar was as much as $13/ounce.

A pretzel (with no cheese!) was $9. Failing to eat a big lunch before arriving at an event that I wouldn't leave until almost midnight, I ended up forking over a total of$124.50, including several tips for those pouring my drinks. Luckily, I wouldn't spend any more money on Day 5, save for$1.50 to get a soda from the vending machine at the hotel.

Although I attended the event alone, I eventually made friends (no names exchanged) with a Norwegian kid that had flown in from China with his parents. Just goes to show what a global reach WWE and "WrestleMania" have on the world.

The event itself was well-done, with plenty of surprises to keep the WWE Universe guessing.

After Kalisto defeatedRyback and theTotal Divas defeatedB.A.D. & Blonde, WWE Hall of FamerLita surprised everyone by announcing the new WWE Women's Championship title. To close the kick-off show,The Usos defeatedThe Dudley Boyz.

When the main show began,Zack Rydershocked the world by winning the Intercontinental Championship. Few would have pickedChris Jericho to defeatAJ Styles orThe League of Nations to defeatThe New Day. But havingMick Foley,Shawn Michaels, andSteve Austin show-up after the 6-man tag was the stuff WrestleMania magic is made of.

Brock Lesnar defeatedDean Ambrose, andCharlottewon the WWE Women's Championship match (even though Snoop Doggrapped one of her opponents to the ring).

The Undertaker addedShane McMahon to his long list of Mania wins, whileShaquille O'Neal entered the Battle Royal that was won byBaron Corbin.The Rock andJohn Cena took outThe Wyatt Family just before the main event, in whichRoman Reigns defeatedTriple H. Despite what it sounded like on the WWE Network, most of those in attendance were behind The Game for the final match.

It was almost twelve hours from the time I left my hotel room until I got back. Rate for a Sunday night:$100.53 (after all taxes).

Total Spent on Day 5: $794.87

Total Spent on Trip: $1900.14

One final night in Dallas remains for Monday Night RAW.

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