We don't yet know too much about the "Far Harbor" expansion for the insanely popular "Fallout 4" video game from Bethesda, but we do know it's going to be released next month, May 2016, for $24.99. Many people might be shocked at that price for a DLC, but rumor has it that it's a massive add-on to the franchise and will be worth every penny spent. The DLC is said to be released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the same day, but what exact day in May is yet unknown.

A summary of the facts we know

"Far Harbor" will spawn from a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency.

That case will take the lone wanderer on a quest for a younger woman and a secret colony full of synths, those dreaded institute monsters. The lone wanderer will eventually traverse the map to a location off the coast of Maine, which will contain what is said to be a mysterious island named Far Harbor. While at Far Harbor expect the radiation levels to be high. In fact, they're so high that a brutally feral world has been born. The lone wanderer will experience a conflict between the locals, the synths and the Children of Atom.

You have to decide if you want to let chaos reign or bring peace to Far Harbor, which is said to contain the largest landmass for an add-on that Bethesda has ever created. That massive land mass will contain dungeons, new faction quests, lethal creatures and settlements with brand new, higher-level armor and weapons.

Justification for the price

Todd Howard of Bethesda explained the rationale for charging $24.99 for additional content for a game that already at the base level contains hundreds of hours of potential gameplay.

Howard explained the size and content in comparison to "Elder Scrolls" DLC, first explaining that "Far Harbor" has a bigger land mass than "Shivering Isles," which was $30, but not as much content as "Dawnguard," which was $20. The $24.99 middle ground was picked accordingly based on those two previous Bethesda DLC packages.

'Fallout 4' Season Pass

The option for gamers who want all of the DLC content that's already been released, "Automatron" and "Wasteland Workshop," and want all of the DLC planned for the future, said to be valued at over $60, can get it all right now for $49.99 by purchasing the "Fallout 4" Season Pass.

Those who were smart got in on the Season Pass action early and paid only $29.99 before it went up in price last March. Still, $49.99 might be worth it if Bethesda keeps releasing new DLC in the future because purchasing it all a la carte will definitely be the most expensive way to obtain all of the "Fallout 4" content.

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