Newfoundland/Labrador is one of Canada's hidden treasures. The visit here, if you wish to really get into what the province has to offer, will take you more than just your three-week vacation!

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Newfoundland/Labrador is a treasure for sure. The road system is unusual as you often have to retrace your steps to get from one place to another.

The vastness of this place is evident from the second you fly in or you take the ferry from Sydney, Nova Scotia. Here you will be mesmerized by all there is to see and do. I spent two weeks here, some camping, some hotel visits, and could not believe the incredible hospitality that was offered.

There are so many places to visit here that it was difficult to choose just a few. Here are my highlights of places not to be missed.

The Cities

#1 Corner Brook, Newfoundland - A visit to the caves in Corner Brook will take your breath away. Don't miss this chance to be inside and take the tour. Corner Brook has much more to offer, it has bike trails, hiking and is the hub for the trek to Gros Morne to the north.


#2 St John's, Newfoundland - The city has so much to offer. A drive up Signal Hill will emerse you in the first telecommunications from Marconi - here you will find the most eastern outcrop of North America. Don't forget the nightlub scene and find yourself listening to Celtic music.

The life here is the place to really have fun! One last thing, go to the shops and discover all the art that exists here.


#3 St. Anthony, Newfoundland - a small village in the northern part of Newfoundland is home to iceberg alley - a place where you will be in awe viewing the mighty ice sculptures as you pass by.

Take in the views of rugged shores, fishing villages, and restaurants along the way. If you have a chance buy some bakeapple jam from the vendors that line the highway!


The Historical Sites

#4 L'Anse Aux Meadows (UNSECO World Heritage Site), Newfoundland - at the very tip in the north you will find this amazing Viking Landing site.

Here you will have the opportunity to explore the Viking villages, listen to the lore of the area, and experience what most people never have a chance to see. This world heritage site is more than just walking around the area, it is a total experience. Some areas are still being explored for artifacts.


#5 Gros Morne(UNSECO World Heritage Site), Newfoundland - This Vast National Park bears it's soul to the world with ocean floors in the high mountains, Fjords that plunge so deep that even the largest sea animals do not dare to Travel and a beauty beyond anything else I have ever seen. The trip here takes hours but well worth every second. I still want to explore more here as my short 2 weeks int he province was not enough.


#6 Red Bay - Labrador (National Heritage Site) - a short ferry ride takes you from the mainland of Newfoundland to Labrador. The ferry is generally full so you need to make a reservation to get on board. When you dock on the Labrador side of the ocean, you will need to drive north (through a small portion of Quebec) to Red Bay. The road, for the most part, is paved albeit very bumpy! Red Bay is a Basque Whaling Station of the past. Here is where the first mass destruction of the whales began. Be sure to visit the museum here to get the big pictures. Red Bay also boasts the BEST cod and chips in the country! I would go back just to have another meal here.

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