Quebec is the subject of today's Travel article. This province's official language is French although most also speak English. This should not be a deterrent as most businesses endeavor to speak English, they want to please you as a tourist, and make your experience pleasant. There are so many places to visit in Quebec that the list of 5 best was difficult to choose.

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Incredible Cities

#1 Montreal, Quebec. Montreal is considered the fashion hub of Canada. Here you will find incredible shopping for all tastes. Montreal is more than just shopping.

Churches such as the Oratory, tower over the city and the ornateness of the cathedral is another camera moment. You should also take in the old Montreal with brick, stone, and wooden framed historical buildings. Did I mention the food or the Jazz festival? Montreal is alive and a scene you need to take in.


#2 Quebec City, Quebec. This historical city has all the makings of still being in the 1500s. Cobblestone streets, boutique restaurants (my favorite was the crepe shop), and unique shops lines the main street, while above, towers the Hotel Frontenac. Vistas of the St. Lawrence are seen from every angle and you can see the incredible small islands that lie on the river where you can spend the night in a Bed and Breakfast farm home.

If you love forts and history, here is the place to be.


Beauty Beyond Words

#3 Lac St. Jean, Quebec. At first sight, the lake is substantial with vistas that bring out your camera. The lakeshore is dotted with small villages and attractions such as hikes and trails (both walking and cycling).

Here you can discover the wonder of cheeses made from masters plus a chance to delve into the history of the lake. Don't expect to cycle around the lake in one day - it is far too large to take it all in at once. Spend a few days here and enjoy the food and sights.


#4 Saguenay Fjord, Quebec.

Yes, this is an actual Fjord! The water is so deep here that Whales live and play in the area. I have seen Belugas frolicking and other whale species breach the waters. The sites and sounds of such beauty still lives within me! This is a place where you can hike by the shore, visit historical villages, and enjoy local entertainment. Be prepared to take ferries as the road across the Fjord is non-existent.


#5 Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. More beauty and driving through history makes the Gaspe Peninsula worth the journey. The vistas, the villages, and the traditional Quebec foods are part of the charm. The peninsula is the gateway to the rest of Quebec and a short ferry ride will take you to the great Fjord of the Saguenay!.

There is so much more to explore in Quebec and this is just a start. Look through the YoutTube videos we have placed on this page to gain more knowledge about where to go.

In the next article, we will move to the Maritime Provinces and a change in the way of life they encompass.

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