Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada and boasts about more lakes, rivers, cabins, and people than any other province. The beauty and the people make this province a place you should not miss. From the sprawling suburbs of Toronto to the lakes and recreational areas of Orillia, you will have a summer full of entertainment!.

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The Cities

#1 Niagara Falls. Canada is home to the Horseshoe Falls and great views of the American Falls at the same time. The city is full of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment of all kinds. The falls are a place of romance and intrigue, a place where honeymoons are spent, weddings take place, and families spend time at the arcades, movies, and more.


#2 Greater Toronto Area. A visit to Toronto will take your breath away. From the CN Tower where tourists and locals can take a glass elevator to the top will give you a jaw dropping experience and a view to die for, to the Aquarium where you can walk through exhibits, be encased in glass tunnels under the water, and watch the jellyfish show, you will be enthralled for sure. And don't forget the incredible shopping as well. Not far away from the downtown area you can visit the Toronto Zoo (where the Pandas were guests).


#3 Ottawa and the Rideau Canal. Ottawa is Canada's capital and boasts architectural wonders, incredible vistas, historical museums, and tours of this amazing city.

The Rideau canal stretches through the city and is a place where you can ride a bike, walk, and in the winter spend time ice skating. In the spring, the tulips are a sight to behold!

The Countryside

#4 Fort Henry (Kingston). If you love history then Fort Henry is the place to visit. This historic site and museum takes you into the past.

This is a place where the whole family can enjoy the festivities without worry. Fort Henry is a 19th century British Military base and the site and sounds are something you should not ignore.


#5 Algonquin National Park. To the north is an amazing expanse of parkland called Algonquin, This is a national park and has all the amenties for camping, cabin stays, and more.

The park offers hiking, fishing, outdoor activities, and much more. The park has thousands of visitors each year with environmental talks that the whole family can enjoy. If you are into the outdoors, do not miss this park!

Where to Next?

Our next stop will be Quebec before we head over to the Maritime Provinces. Quebec has a wonder of its own and with fashion in Montreal, and cities from the 1500's you will fall in love with all that the province has to offer.

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