We all love to Travel and often the dreams are of being on a secluded beach, lazing in the water, and drinking Mai Tais all day long! For some this is ideal, for the rest of us, we like adventure, in its many forms. Camping, RVing, and even staying with Airbnb or motels can give us a bigger thrill.

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About Canada

Canada is home to major world trading centers, seaports, and the center of the fashion industry. Although the population is one tenth of that of the United States, the commerce and beauty should not be dismissed. Our travels will begin with the West Coast and work towards the East.

Our journey begins with British Columbia.

#1 Victoria, British Columbia (and Vancouver Island). Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and home of The BC Museum of native history. Something should not be missed. Not too far from the museum is the Empress Hotel that overlooks the inner harbor, here afternoon high tea is recommended. Just beyond the city limits is the famous Butchart Gardens, an amazing array of plants from all over the world.


#2 Vancouver and Whistler, BC. Vancouver was recently the host for the Winter Olympics and boasts some of the worlds best skiing in the area (Whistler). The city is one of the most expensive in the world when it comes to housing but that should not stop you from visiting the most beautiful city on the planet.

With majestic mountains to the north and incredible ocean walkways (through Stanley Park and more) you will be more than welcomed. The restaurants are world class as well.


#3 Wine Country in British Columbia - if you are into wines, then the Okanagan (interior of Brtish Columbia) is not to be missed.

Not only does BC produce world class award winning wines, there are so many other summer activities for the whole family. With expansive lakes, warm beaches, and fresh fruits ripe for the picking, you will be pampered in the best way possible.


#4 Banff National Park and the Rockies.

The majestic Rockies rise above you in a way that takes your breath away. Pristine landscapes dotted with goats, Big Horn Sheep, bears, and moose are abundant here. The photo ops are at every turn of the road. There are activities for everyone. Hiking, trail walking, swimming, and shopping all come together in this majestic wonder of the world.


#5 Drumheller, Alberta - where the dinosaurs roamed and still leave their mark on the landscape. The Turell Museum sits in the middle of the desert with HooDoos and dinosaur tracks all around. The display in the museum is beyond incredible and not to be missed by the whole family. Accommodation is not too far down the road in the rustic town that is close by.

More Places to Visit To Come

We will continue our trek eastward in the next article. Canada has much to offer and we hope that you will be able to take in the sites, sounds, and people on your next vacation.

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