Camry is an English transliteration of a Japanese word - kanmuri. Kanmuri = crown.

In fact, I think this car used to be called the Crown till Toyota changed it to Camry. Corona and Corolla are Latin for 'crown' and 'little crown'. Be careful, my Japanese friends. It's crown, not clown.

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The Perfect Car ... Almost

The 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Sedan might just be the complete car. It's almost perfect.

Toyota came up with the idea of kaizen. The word means improvement. The idea is to keep getting feedback from everyone involved in a process until the final product is done right.

The word kaizen means literally - change for the better.

Toyota has been changing the Camry continually for more than 50 years until what I drove this past week was simply the best the Japanese car maker had to offer.

Being the top seller for the company next to its little brother, but better seller, Corolla, is a clear indication that the Camry is tops in its class. Lacking in nothing. Almost.

Camry vs 3-letter German Cars

My wife leased a 3-letter German car for about 3 years that was in the same class as this 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Sedan.

The cars were in the same class and same price range.

The 2016 Camry Hybrid XLE Sedan makes many fewer visits to the gasoline station. Indeed, I have been driving this car a LOT this week and still have not used half of a tank. This Hybrid uses about $700 less per year than the average car on the road.

That's a tank of gas every two weeks LESS. That's a night out every 2 weeks with my wife and daughter to see a movie. I can buy a one-way ticket back home for my in-laws EACH year. Hmm ...

The car suits my family of 3 perfectly. And those pesky in-laws who keep coming back can fit in the back with my 8-year old, too!

Fewer Buttons, too!

I am not overwhelmed by buttons = options. And I don't need a manual thick enough to keep me occupied for an 11-day cruise from San Francisco to the Mexican Riviera ... and back.

Toyota knows safety. I have come to fully depend on my side mirrors to tell me when there is a car in my blind spot.

There's an emergency call function next to the moon roof button that is easy enough to push by accident. I did this 3 times. And try as I might, keep in mind I can read and write several languages, I could NOT figure out to unpush the button.

"How can I help you? Are there any injuries?"

"I am very sorry. I pushed the button by mistake and I couldn't get it to stop. Am I the only one who has this trouble?"

"Please have a good day, sir."

She was nice.

I felt stupid and interruptive. But this Emergency Assistance function is definitely something I'd want my wife to have.

Details, details.

Specifications: In the images.

Price as driven: $35,800.

If the car went for $20K, I'd call it perfect. But that's not reasonable. So, I'll stick to almost.

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