We live in an era these days where everything is focused around how to stay fit andhealthy. We can look around and see countless celebrities coming out with new workouts or products tokeep us fit, or the infomercials that we see dailythat claim they can rip and shred us in less than 20 minutes a day. We live in a crazed yoga era, as well as seeing pilates classes being offered during our lunch hours. We see everyone and their brother becoming certified in the next fitness craze. With all that being said, we all want to stay healthy and fit for as long as we possibly can. We all have crazy and hectic lifestyles these days, and sometimes we do not have the time or luxury of hitting up our favorite workout classes, or even having the energy for that matter.

More and more people are jumping on the growing trend ofwalking.

Walking can add so much to overall health

Recent studies suggest that walking briskly 30 minutes daily has so many added health benefits. Walking can reduce stress levels. Who doesn't feel less stressed after a long walk? We tend to give away the stressful thinking and replace it with a more relaxed way of thinking. The stress lowers because the mind is in a more relaxed state. Stress can wreak havoc on the body as well as the heart, including ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Walking has been shown to boost immunity also.The whole body is a pure connection of the body, mind, and spirit, and when one part is working properly, everything is aligned in a more balanced state.Walkinghelps to boost immunity becauseit increases the killer T-cells.

Improved healthis an added benefit.

A lot of us have sit-down jobs where we sit all day in a chair. We sometimes end up eating our lunch in our chair, because we realize we are short on time. This is not a good habit to start. Sitting all day inhibits some of the most important muscles. Our glutes and buttocks needmovementas well.

Sitting all day can sometimes make us gain weight because we sit all day every day without enough exercise. Walking has been shown to help youlose weightand keep body fat at bay, if it's done on a daily basis.

Great for the mind

Walking has so many benefits, great for every part of your body, including your mind.

It has become a great form of exercise for many.If you are one that isn't into the latest fitness craze, or simply hate going to gyms, grab a pair of great walking shoes and start walking.

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