There's good news for anyone with a yearning to find out what it’s like to dine out while naked, as a London entrepreneur is soon to open a clothing-optional, pop-up restaurant in England’s capital city.

Named Bunyadi, the restaurant has already caught the imagination of 16,000 people and owner Seb Lyall is expecting the waiting list to grow in the coming months, right up to the opening in June.

According to Lyall, he already dines naked at home. He told the Washington Post, “It’s liberating,” adding that it's fun, even if the neighbors occasionally watch.

Lyall went on to say it’s his home and his space, and he is now trying to create a similar kind of space for his clients in the new restaurant.

A different dining experience

Bunyadi isn’t just a case of ripping off your clothes and ogling each other, however, as it is intended to be a different dining experience, with no industrialized impurities or chemicals. There will be no artificial colors and no plastic in the restaurant’s kitchen. In the dining area, it will be candle-lit with no electric lighting and clothing and smartphones will not be allowed.

Lyall calls the theme of his restaurant “true liberation,” and the restaurant has been designed with both body positivity and acceptance in mind. In fact, the whole idea is to consume food in a public space, without clothing in what he calls “an act of rebellion.”

Lyall points out, “When you get a chance, you take your clothes off,” stressing that when people go to bed, or to the beach or the sauna, it’s natural for them to take their clothes off.

He said there is a habit of people being victimized based on body image, saying, "We are making a business out of correcting it.”

Privacy is important while dining naked

There are certain aspects of privacy in the restaurant, however, as each table will be partitioned to a large extent from the next.

According to Lyall, there will be bamboo partitions in place, or the table will be arranged so that you can only see another patron’s back or a silhouette from the candles on the tables.

Patrons at Bunyadi will first be given access to a changing room and locker before heading to their table and will be asked to sit on their robes to avoid contaminating the seats. Photography will be completely taboo.

Staff in the kitchen will be fully clothed, but to keep things comfortable for patrons, waiters will only have minimal clothing for hygienic purposes.

While comfortably seated on wooden furniture, the patrons will enjoy a five-course meal costing around $80 to $90, from which they will even get to keep the robe.

The naturist restaurant will offer vegan dishes, as well as what Lyall describes in the press release as "wood-flame-grilled meats served on handmade clay crockery and edible cutlery, in a space void of the industrialized world’s modern trappings."

For anyone worried about being stared at in the wrong way, Bunyadi has a plan in place for the more voyeuristic type of customer and if it does happen, staff will immediately escort them out.

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