Armonite is a band based in Pavia, Italy that got their start during 1996. The band features Paolo Fosso and Jacopo Bigi - two classically trained musicians. Paolo is a composer, and Jacopo is a violinist. When they were teenagers, they joined local bands and explored a variety of music genres and artists, such as the Beatles and Dream Theater. They released their first album during 1999 while still attending college. They did perform live a few times near the start of their music career. On the other hand, their personal interests were driving each other in different directions, and the band split up, which lasted for 15 years.

After their split, they decided to come together and form a new band using their original band name. Their establishment of a transnational project happened after Paolo composed enough tracks for an album titled The Sun is New Each Day, a prog rock record. It was released on June 6th, 2015. More talented musicians joined their project: Colin Edwin, a bassist from Porcupine Tree, and Dutch drummer Jasper Barendregt.

Armonite’s latest album is a combination of songs that only consist of instrumentals. Most of the songs are fast-paced and highly animated. The band received a helping hand from Paul Reeve, the first producer of Muse. Geoff Pesche, of the well-respected Abbey Road Studios, made contributions, as well.

Below are three of my favorite songs from the album:

'Suitcase War'

This song is a beautiful collision of electric violin, bass, and drums. The most riveting and emotionally impactful aspect of the song is the violin. Jacopo displays an attractive range of high and low notes that are zestfully fast-paced in movement.

This is one of their stronger rock songs, and the violin adds a tastefully classic touch to the music. Its output is balanced and rhythmic, to the extent of being highly mesmerizing.


This song is dominated by electric violin, also. What strikes me about this song is the Middle-Eastern appeal it has.

It can be strongly heard near the beginning and middle of the song. It exudes warm and exotic vibes. There are colorful transitions present in the song, going sharply from mellow and relaxed sounds to assertive and dynamic sounds. The height of the song is near the end when it appears the keyboards and drums increase with excitement in a spontaneous fashion.

'Le temps qui fait ta rose'

This song is dominated by a heartfelt orchestration of piano, with a slow and steady movement. Its output is very romantic and sentimental as if it is meant to play as background music for a cinematic moment of nostalgia. It even exudes a slightly melancholic feel, but in a completely innocent way. Paolo does an excellent job giving the song a dreamy and light-hearted composition with the powerful presence of the piano.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt this band is very pleasing to the ears. After listening to their entire album, it is quite clear that this musical duo cares about producing real art. They sound professional and enthusiastic. Each song has thousands of listens via SoundCloud (URL ending: /Armonite), so many other listeners agree the band is talented. Check them out for yourself below via YouTube:

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