Before you jump into the upper body exercises and their explanations, here are the four crucial basic rules to remember:

1. Always remember to breathe. The truth is that when you are in the middle of an exercise, you may tend to forget to breathe though it seems obvious. In most cases, you will inhale on the easier workout like when you lower or bend your body for the push-up. In contrast, when you do the hard work like the pushing up part of a push up, you will exhale.

2. Form is paramount. Injury can easily occur when you do an exercise wrong and what initially seems like a sigh of progress quickly dissipate.

Before you begin, any exercise ensures you are doing the right thing. Therefore, it is your No. 1 priority to do the exercises properly and avoid taking any shortcut.

3. Take it slowly. Most exercises are often best performed slowly except aerobic exercise. This is not an excuse that you should take long breaks between each sit up and push up, but rather you should perform each exercise at a moderate speed. Going slowly will make you stronger and work more muscles.

4. Your goal is to fail. Failure is the key to a good workout.

But that doesn’t mean lazing around because you are frustrated or tired, but rather maximizing your strength, power and pushing yourself to the limit while exhibiting the proper form. The aim is to be at your best and do the best you can with all the strength and energy you have. You succeed by failing.

1. The Triceps Push-Up

The triceps pushup concentrates on all the key muscles groups of your upper body like core muscles, shoulder, and chest.

However, it is slightly different from a regular pushup because it enables you to put more emphasis on the triceps by positioning your hands closer together. Triceps Pushup is the best exercise for people who require the fast and very efficient technique of toning their upper bodies.

2. The Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The dumbbell shoulder press is an overall workout designed to target your trapezius muscle, triceps muscles, the larger muscles located at the back and side of the neck and all your shoulder muscles.

The trapezius muscle is one of the vital tissues present in the human body due to their largest nature. Therefore, strengthening your shoulder muscles especially, your trapezius muscle and deltoids, through this exercise will help reduce the pains and aches commonly felt due to long sitting hours behind the desk. Additionally, it will help you increase your overall balance and your body posture.

3. The Side Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The lateral raise is an alternative movement workout intended to structure the deltoids muscles of the shoulders. This is because good balance and posture can only be achieved through strong deltoids.

The muscles also play an imperative role in supporting your arm`s range of motion, assisting your arms in maintaining their maximum range of movements, and it prevents sagging of shoulders in the old age. These activities are easily performed with the help of deltoids muscles, situated at the front and back of the shoulder.

4. The Lower Back Extension

The lower back extension is the most efficient exercise because it is the simplest of all body weight exercises. The work out mainly attempts to strengthen, elongate and isolate the muscles of your lower back. The advantage of performing this task repeatedly is that it reduces pain and lower back tension.

5. The Superman

Most people often suffer from lower back pain as a result of spending too much time in the sitting postures on their lower back muscles. Superman is, therefore, the best exercise for those individuals suffering from lower back pain. This exercise will consequently improve your balance and posture as well as strengthen your lower back muscles. It also relieves the tension that frequently result in lower back pain and serve as a stretching exercise for your lower back muscles.

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