When I went to high school, I served on the stage crew for our high school theater productions. We made the props, raised and lowered the lights and did all the support work for the actors and actresses.

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Wizard of Oz in Cincinnati, OH

One of our productions was the classic - Wizard of Oz.

The theater was set in Kansas. We all knew where Kansas was.

Actors and members of the crew had names like Greg, Bob, Jim, Jane, Sue, Nancy, Gary, Mike, Kathy and Bill. They were almost all one syllable long.

The other day I went to an ongoing high school theatrical production.

One of the boys in the church where I preach regularly had a key part.

The Little Mermaid in Cupertino, CA

The production is a version of a classic - The Little Mermaid.

This one is titled Once an Island.

It is set in Haiti. When I was in high school I am pretty sure we didn't know where Haiti was.

The actors and members of the crew have names like Ilanis, Ambita, Sohan, Yatziri, Didem, Jeevika, Kuki, Kayshav, Pallavi. None of them are one syllable. Some have 3.

I am a pretty good reader. I am old enough to have learned phonetics when I was in grade school. But I don't have 100% confidence I could get the pronunciation of all those names right the first time.

The high school play I attended last Friday is in Cupertino, home to Apple.

Lost-to-the-FBI Apple.

Cupertino and Cincinnati both start with the letter C. They are both 4 syllables long. After that the similarities stop.

Cincinnati is Not Cupertino is Not Cincinnati

We are pleased with diversity in this area. Cincinnati's idea of diversity is everybody going to the mall and eating Panda Express.

We are also pleased to be a tolerant bunch in this area. But toleration means I have to accept others and their beliefs. It doesn't always mean they have to accept mine.

I am a considered a bigot if I share my Cincinnati Bible Belt upbringing in the Valley.

Mark Twain said that when the world ends, he wants to be in Cincinnati when it happens.

"Everything happens a week later in the Queen City."

Here in Silicon Valley, we do what we can to widen the gap between what is and what can be.

Question: How far is it from the Bible Belt to Silicon Valley?

Answer: Very very far.

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Read 3 Ongoing fights in Silicon Valley involving Google, Yahoo, and Uber.

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