The greatest form of flattery is imitation.

If you’ve done something so well, others may copy you and try emulate what you’ve created.

In the movie world this is called a remake!

In recent times there has been many remakes, Mad Max, Point-Break, Poltergeist and Robo Cop.

And it doesn’t stop there with classical movies like A Star is Born, Dirty Dancing, Barbarella, and Alfred Hitchcock 60’s classic, The Birds, currently being under production.

How can they remake a classic like the Hitchcock’s, The Birds?

We don’t have to go too far back to remember the appalling efforts in 1998 remake of Hitchcock’s, Psycho.

Although some say it is Vince Vaughn’s funniest movie. Oh, that’s right it was meant to be a thriller.

There is growing talk about a remake of my favorite movie of all times: JAWS. The original film has literally kept Baby Boomers out of the ocean for years!

That’s what you call impact!

How can JAWS, the remake, build the suspense and thrills of the 1975 version?

I think its success has much to do with the brilliance of it young and enthusiastic director, Steven Spielberg, and movie editor, Verna Fields.

The suspense in the original movie was developed out of necessity because Bruce, the mechanical shark, kept breaking down.

So instead of a bloody thirsting, in-your-face monster, Spielberg had to use shadows and eerie shapes to evoke the terrifying creature.

In the later sequels the movie lost its edge because we could see the shark and the mystique and menacing appeal vanished. One positive, however, is the fact that this resulted in less ‘boo’ jumps and subsequently less popcorn for the janitors to clean up.

Are we seeing remake after remake because the movie industry is so cut throat it daren’t take a risk?

With the exception of animated movies, innovation and creativity seem to be at an all- time low.

Hollywood has also made remakes of other international movies like the Ring, the Japanese horror, Ringu, True Lies, originally a French movie called Lo Totalel, and finally Bird Cage, which was a famous French movie called La Cage Aux Follies.

For all the good ones there has been many that have not met the grade of their foreign counter parts.

Such as the Taxi, aFrench movie, Gojira/Godzilla, the Japanese movie and Death at a Funeral - originallyproduced in England.

Most movies goers want to see original movies that create their own myths and legends.

Is mainstream Hollywood becoming lazy and uninteresting or are they re-crafting old hits for a new audience that expects more razzamatazz?

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