Earth Day is about raising awareness of the world’s environment and endangered species such as theamur tiger, black rhino, and pangolin. What is a pangolin? Sadlythe pangolin is a highly endangerd animal that no one really knows about.

The pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world

The pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world; making it highly endangered. From 2006 to 2015, nearly one million animals have been poached. Asia and Africa are the main areas where the pangolin is sought after.

What is the pangolin

Pangolins are docile and nocturnal animals that live in tropical forest, thick brush, and savannah ecosystems.

There are eight known species of which four live in Africa and four live in Asia. It is an insectivore that feeds heavily on ants and termites and because of their poor vision, they have a heightened sense of smell and hearing. The pangolin’s lifespan in the wild has been hard to determine because of its solitary nature. However, in captivity it has been known to live for about 20 years.

Looking like a reptile, the pangolin is more of a fancy anteater with armor. Itsmeat is considered a delicacy while the scales are used in a variety of traditional folk medicines to treat asthma and arthritis. If current trends continue, it is believed that the pangolin will become extinct before anyone notices.

The pangolin's hope for survival

This year the pangolin received some promising news concerning its survival. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced in March that they are considering a proposal to add it to the Endangered Species Act. According to Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and Born Free Foundation: “The Endangered Species Act is among the strongest conservation laws in the world, and listing all pangolin species under the Act will be a dramatic and positive step in saving the species from extinction.”

Studies have shown that the US has been a huge market place for the pangolin and pangolin parts.

Should the animal be granted federal protection, all sales, including online, of pangolin products, will end.

There is an old saying betweenanimal advocates that every day should be Earth Day. But April 22nd, 2016 would be a great opportunity for people to start learning about the pangolin and how they can help protect it from falling into extinction.

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