April 22. You’re relaxed and laid back. Your cheerfulness is infectious and the fun you have is relished by everyone you come into contact with. You easily spend hours chatting and fritter away time just enjoying yourself, when it would be better to concentrate on taking special care of your relationship.


A change is coming in your life which you can no longer push to one side. You’re full of enthusiasm and confidence which helps you to put your plans into action. Use this drive and energy to make the first steps. Talk to your closest friends and relatives about your plans, they encourage you in every way they can and enthusiastically support you.


April 22. Promising conditions win through in your existing relationships. You find your interactions with those close to you inspire and enrich your own understanding. Nevertheless, don't think purely about the benefits these connections bring you, but endeavor to interact on an emotional level as well.


Whatever decisions you make are supported by your colleagues and friends. Make good use of this time to implement the new plan or strategy needed to start any outstanding project you are considering. The enthusiasm you show is easily spread and those around you are keen to be involved and share in your success.

  • LEO

April 22. Your positive mood helps create promising circumstances and you make progress, either through your own efforts or by good fortune alone.

Retain a sense of modesty in case others become envious. Such an optimistic approach helps you feel confident, which is a turn on others find attractive.


You feel satisfied with progress even if others are unwilling to show appreciation of your effort, you’re still ready to provide help to others when required and those people closest to you offer their support.

If you’re looking for a level of commitment you face few restrictions and perhaps find somebody that’s able to permanently enliven your romantic life.


April 22. Your dealings with others are especially easy and any potential disagreements avoided when you act together as a team. You succeed in putting forward your ideas and convince others of the validity of the position you adopt.


Long overdue visits are on the agenda as well as important decisions. Your sympathetic approach inspires the people you care about most to be open to new suggestions and want to clear up any existing problems that exist between you.


April 22. With everything running smoothly in your world you can afford to watch out for the well-being of those around you and lend a helping hand to those who you feel may benefit from your assistance. Be diplomatic and let them know how it would be a pleasure to assist them in any way you can.


You rarely experience such a state of clarity and calm. This is of great help if you want to settle any disputes with work colleagues or relatives.

Above all, problems which you previously thought unresolved finally disappear. Relieved of the weight of past anxieties and supported by a positive attitude, you find excitement and new freedom to shape your future.


April 22. Your openly friendly approach is a great help to you and especially when you’re working with others, is of benefit to you in cementing relationships and encouraging them to be supportive of your aims. Because everybody takes notice of your kindness and goodwill this makes you particularly popular and appreciated especially by people you care for most.


Everybody is friendly and accommodating, you're well received by the people you encounter. On the romantic front others are attracted to you, don't let this go to your head otherwise any goodwill soon disappears.

Instead treat others the same way as they treat you and show them you really are the person they thought you were when they first met you.

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