I just spent the week in a 2016 Toyota Rav4 limited AWD SUV.

S stands for sporty and smart

A couple of weeks back, I drove a LEXUS SUV. The "S" stood for sporty.

The "S" in the RAV4 AWD also stands for smart.

  • Feel smart.
  • Look smart.

My, um, big test for the friendliness of a vehicle is how long it takes me to get the Bluetooth connected to my Samsung Galaxy 4 Note.

I don't want for much, but I do need and desire to be hands-free when I drive. In Silicon Valley, California ... home to Apple, Google, Yahoo! (for now), LinkedIn and the like it is mandatory to be hands-free.

We also have those little bubble gum Google self-driving cars buzzing around.

One less thing to think about is always a good thing.

I was able to connect my Bluetooth device in under 20 seconds. No kidding. Even I was impressed. The rest of the week was equally smooth cruising.

In this day and age, when there are more options in a car than there are sales at Walmart, some things can be harder than they need to be. Not for the 2016 Rav4 AWD SUV.

Pass the Little Girl Test

My little girl and I were off to school in no time. I drove, and she watched Netflix with the audio coming through the Bluetooth. Yeah, getting some things right quickly is a priority.

Neither of us could decide exactly what color the car was. But we knew we looked really smart. The car looks to be a very deep purple.

The actual color is Black Currant Metal/Latte.

Black, white, silver or gray seem to be going choices. This 2016 Rav4 AWD SUV makes it cool again to choose a color. Where many drivers will tire of a color, this color really grows well on you.

The 2.5L engine will burn 25 mpg on average though not in a big hurry.

At times, I felt as if the vehicle was laboring a bit to get going when I really needed to get going. But with the family in the car ... who needs to hurry, right?

SUV Means Safe Utility Vehicle, too?

Toyota has nailed safety and convenience. This 2016 Rav4 AWD SUV came standard with a lot of equipment.

Details in the images.

A few cars back I wondered about the blind-spot warnings that appear in the side mirrors. I have now come to depend on them and miss them when I am in my everyday cars. Get too close to the curb ... the car tells me. Backing in to close ... the car tells me. Pulling up to close ... right the car warns me. I have come to like that.

With a bonus roof-rack, this SUV was ready for skis, bike carriers, and snow boards. Seriously, if you want to call yourself a sports utility vehicle, you should be prepped. Picnic anyone? This 2016 Rav4 AWD, SUV was ready.

I just wish I had been on my way to the mountains or sea.

Mom and Daughter Test = PASS

My little one is easy to please ...

lots of room and good sound is all she needs. Pass.

My wife is harder to please ... dual temperature control, mirrors, lights, leg and luggage room ... Pass.

The family has bounced around the idea of getting a bigger family car without going full-out soccer mom/dad. I think we can stop bouncing now.

Specifications: In the images.

Price of car I drove: $37,360.

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