In the trendy world of fashion, the latest movement is the gender fluid fashion line and clothing retailer Zara has hopped aboard this train with their new clothing line, Ungendered. It features a mix of unisex T-shirts, hoodies, jeans and sweats starting at around $15.

The term "gender fluid" has been associated with Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, although the term itself means a person who remains flexible with their gender identity and does not commit to either sex. The younger Smith is often seen wearing skirts and has most recently been named the new face of Louis Vuitton's women's line in an unprecedented move for the clothing retailer.

However, Smith, who frequently wore skirts before being named ambassador to the brand, plans to start his own gender fluid line as well.

Zara's Ungendered line doesn't go as far Smith's suspected line, which if it is anything like the photos he posts on Twitter will feature Smith in skirts and flowery ensembles. Instead the Spanish retailer's clothes will be more along the line of boyfriend and girlfriend jeans, items that couples would normally share without having a line dedicated to it. 

The subversive gender neutral movement has become more mainstream with stars like Smith and other celebrities like Kanye West sporting gender neutral ensembles.

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In a way, it's a repackaging of old ideas, as androgyny has always been a trend on the runway. However, runway fashion doesn't always translate to the mainstream consumer, so most gender neutral clothing lines have been featured in LGBT friendly stores like GenderFlux, Muttonhead and Butchbaby & Co. until now.  

Zara's line is clearly aimed at the more moderate spectrum of gender fluid consumers who are willing to dip their toes into the movement but are not ready to don a skirt or a suit just yet. The colors are even moderate leaning toward monochromatic greys and whites rather than gender specific colors like pinks and blues. Whether or not the trend will catch on is anyone's guess but it is the direction that more and more mainstream retailers are currently moving towards.

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