In their cute ‘the man behind the bump’ t-shirts these dads-to-be are celebrating man-style

When we hear the words ‘baby shower’ we immediately think of a room full of clucking women, pink or blue balloons and cupcakes.

There is the obligatory glass of champers for everyone except the mother to be, mind-numbing games and lots of adorable gifts - gifts wrapped in beautiful paper with bows; lots and lots of bows.

However, this image is changing rapidly as more and more men are holding their own ‘Dad-chelor’ parties.

Dads and their mates have decided to hold their own celebrations to mark the arrival of their baby.

And, you won’t be surprised to find out they look mighty different to the ones their wives are going to.

These affairs usually involved meat, beer, sports games and weird dress ups.

Holding a barbecue seems mandatory, add to that games of poker, footy, golf and you have yourself a typical man’s baby shower.

Some parties involve dressing up in nappies, which seems quirky and funny when men do it, but odd and strange when women do it.

While the soon-to-be dads seem to be joining in on the fun and spirit of the event, there is a serious side to their capers as well.

Spending time together, fathers and fathers-to-be can share stories and advice.

They can talk about the challenges of being a father and open up discussions about what their future role holds.

It’s a time for fathers, brothers, uncles and nephews to join together and bond.

So what do their wives think?

Most women don’t seem to have an issue with their husbands and partners getting excited about the new arrival into the family.

However, some think it is just an excuse to get drunk and as men usually have a ‘baby head-wetting’ drink with their mates, they are thought to be actually double dipping!

Whether it is a legitimate time to share stories and bond about the importance of fatherhood or an excuse to have an all-male drinking session with their mates, or both, these ‘baby showers’ are becoming increasingly popular.

According to Pinterest there has been a 149% increase in images posted on boards since 2015 that celebrate this new ‘event’.

If you don’t believe me, search it yourself.

As well, if you use the hashtag - #dadchelorparty on Twitter or Instagram you’ll see even more men celebrating.

You’ll see images of games such as ‘pin the sperm on the ovaries’, pink cupcakes decorated with white sperm and; lots of men group hugging wearing quirky t-shirts on and drinking beer.

Do you think it’s just an excuse to get drunk with men, yet again, pushing into women’s affairs or is it about men creating a legitimate way of marking their passage into fatherhood?

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