New EP from Seven Lions

Seven Lions, akaJeff Montalvo, hails from Santa Barbara, California (his memorable stage name comes from the bookLatro in the Mist). The 28-year-oldproducer, remixer, instrumentalist, and DJ put out his first EP, Polarize, in April 2012 and the predecessor to Creation --The Throes of Winter -- in 2015.

Creation is a new, seven-track EP on which the artist revisits his guitar-based roots (before embracing electronica, he was into a very different sound) and on which two of the songs are collaborations.

The title track features Icelandic band Vök, while Canadian vocalist Lights (Valerie Anne Poxleitner) lends her angelic voice to the wonderful"Falling Away."

"This EP took quite a while to finish," admits Seven Lions himself. "I started a few of the songs two or so years ago and some of them more recently. This EP was more about experimenting with different genres and going back to my roots as a metalhead and someone who plays a lot of acoustic guitar."

As highlighted above, this is Mr. Montalvo's fifth EP.

Why has Seven Lions shunned making albums in favor of shorter releases? "I think an album would take a little too long to make, especially with the constant touring," he explains. "EP's are nice because they can have an overarching theme and each song can get the attention it deserves. Short and sweet."

Asked to name his favourites among the seven tunes, the experienced festival-goer muses, "'Leaving Earth' is probably my favorite because it incorporates all the things in music that I really love...

I think 'Coming Home' also stands out because it is definitely the more risky of all the songs on the EP.I knew it was 'out there' but I think it's a really good song, so I decided to take a chance."

"I was put in contact with them through Kristina Grossmann at Republic Records," says Jeff, recalling how the duets with the aforementioned acts came about. "They sent over a demo vocal that was very rough, but there were greatpiecesin there.

We worked on it and gotit to where it is now."

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