Recently, on an Australian television show called “The Project”, the American singer Chris Isaak was asked, "What don’t you like about Australia?"

After a lengthy, and somewhat dramatic pause, Chris diplomatically answered, “the black stuff you eat on toast for breakfast”.

Then after further prompting he said, “Vegemite,” and screwed up his face.

Even the leader of the free world, the President of the United States, Barrack Obama had a one word critique of this food: “Horrible”.

However, some of the most famous names in Hollywood have tried Vegemite and have been more positive than President Obama and Chris Isaak.

After eating vegemite, the A list star Brad Pitt confessed he didn’t mind it on crackers.

Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Duffy in Modern Family, shared on the Ellen Show that he was the only cast member that enjoyed vegemite when they did a special episode Down Under. He said he even came back home with some extra jars.

Oprah Winfrey shared a vegemite SAO biscuit on her Down Under show with everybody’s favorite Aussie, Hugh Jackman. She, like the President of the United States, gave a brief but more favorable response saying, “I like it”.

The question that many of you may be asking at this very moment is, “What is vegemite”?

For many years Australia has been seen as beer guzzling country. Understandably then vegemite comes from left over brewer’s yeast with vegetable and spice additives; in truth, its exact ingredients are a closely guarded secret.

The humble vegemite sandwich was celebrated in the 1983 worldwide hit “Down Under” by Men at Work.

This song became immortalized after being chosen as the theme song for Australia II’s successful campaign in the 1983 America’s Cup. It also made Men at Work one of the most famous bands in the 1980’s.

Vegemite is so popular in Australia it has its own jingle that has been sung by children since the 1950’s: the “Happy Little Vegemite” song.

Today the jingle can even be heard on mobile phones as ringtones.

As well, a performance of it, it is ranked in the top ten all time most popular Australian commercials on YouTube.

So what if no one other than Aussies like vegemite?

The manufacturers, Kraft, an American owned company, are laughing all the way to the bank; and they have been since 1922.

A whopping 22 million jars of vegemite are produced each year and research reveals that 80% of Australian households have a jar or two of vegemite in the cupboard.

Why do Australians seem to be the only people that like vegemite?

Is it because they live down under and their taste buds are reversed and unique?

What do you think?

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