Science by Rachel Myall is an assured first offering that explores, among other things, coming of age in the 21st century, the explosive chemistry of a short-lived romance and fighting to achieve one's dreams. The London-based chanteuse's EP includes four songs and was composed while Myall was single and in her 20s. It combinesfolk and blues.

Poetry is in her songwriting

One of the tunes was inspired by the artist's travels in South America ("Horses") while another ("When I Have Fears") explores the poetry of John Keats.

Unable to read or write music or play an instrument, Ms.Myall relies instead on her brutally honest lyrics, intuitive sense of melody and strikingly powerful vocals as well as on the skills of other musicians.

Her direct, storytelling style of songwriting has drawn favorable comparisons with Dolly Parton and Tim Buckley and the maturity of her voice with Laura Marling. The latest single off the extended play that came out March 18 is "Two Sides of Me," released to radio in February.

'Two Sides of Me' released this month

"'Two Sides of Me' is about the fears that being in a relationship can bring and the questions it can cause you to ask yourself," explains Rachel."It's ultimately about being afraid to show the real you in case the person you love doesn't actually like what they see.The lyrics are pretty honest and up front!"

Science represents various musical elements

Asked for more information on the EP, the singer stated, "The title alludes to the timely coming together of various elements ...

It's taken a lot of work and different experiences fronting other bands to get to this point; to feel confident enough to release my first record as a solo artist.

"After meeting fellow musician Chris Groves and a fantastic producer, JB Pilon, in 2015, everything happened pretty quickly, and we recorded the tracks over a few weeks with various session musicians.

"'Science' is also the name of the first single and is about the explosive chemistry of a new romance; the first few amazing months when you can't keep your hands off each other, can't be apart from each other, can't wait to find out everything about each other before reality kicks in and it all starts to fall apart."

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