Wouldn’t it be cool to buy a house, have it installed in three days and pay only $55,000?

Similar but different than the “tiny house” phenomenon of recent years, the “Gomos System” simplifies house-buying and offers a lifestyle living choice for anyone who believes simple is good and less is more.

The tiny house idea, of course, is the building of a home as small as 200 square feet. It’s living with the idea that fewer possessions can be used efficiently and with environmental consideration.

Modules attached to make a house in three days

The Gomos System simplifies the often complicated process of building a house with the use of pre-fabricated concrete modules. The idea was created by Samuel Goncalves, a Portuguese architect. With his system, a home can be built, installed cheaply and in about three days.

The Gomos System debuted in 2015 in Arouca, Portugal. The method: prefabricated concrete modules are attached in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon a buyer’s desires. Each module can be as large a 8’x20’.

Brevity in the construction process is impressive. It's done in four parts: factory production of the structure, interior and exterior furnishings and features, transportation and assembly.

To further expedite the procedure, the factory delivers each module to site inclusive of doors, electricity, external facade, flooring, furnishings, insulation, water facilities an windows.

Prices for modular homes began at $55,000 for the base model.

Solar panels, window frames and various kitchen fixtures and external cladding add costs.

And there are lots of other options, such as large outside windows for a more spacious look. And the opposite effect is also available. If a buyer wants a larger home, more modules can be added and configured without windows.

And there’s another possibility: two large glass walls can be constructed on either or both ends to add light.

So, take your choice. A tiny house, wonderfully efficient, would be great to own. And then again so would a home created with the Gomos System. It's an equally efficient and attractive home-buying option.

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