This is part 2 of 2 in my interview with James Raia, old-school beat reporter. You can read part 1 of the interview here. I met James more than a decade ago when we were both getting our feet wet online. I jumped all in online and James kept his offline connections going.

Online specialist, Bill Belew, talks with Print Master, James Raia

BN: Is it different writing for the online reader than the print reader? How so?

JR: Other than shorter articles and some sense of SEO, I think it’s the same. I still believe in complete sentences and journalistic ethics. Everyone has an opinion on the Internet and there’s a lot of garbage.

Then again, there’s a wealth of brilliant writing on the internet, in my opinion.

BN: Do you think the face in the crowd journalist has more credibility than the man or woman behind the screen? Why or why not?

JR: I respect journalists and I respect broadcasters. It’s quite different. I’ve often been asked why I didn’t go into television. Although I’ve been a guest on television and radio programs, being an observer has come more easily. I think often however the public gives television and radio “journalists” more credibility. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s simply the power of TV.

BN: What do you think is the future of print journalism? Is a leap to the digital platform inevitable?

JR: I think the future of print journalism will be its demise within a decade.

National newspapers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal may survive because of their high level of journalism, although both have warts. I believe the rest of print journalism will simply go away. I don’t know many people under age 40 who read newspapers. Some magazines, like The New Yorker, may survive, too.

BN: Where can we find you in print and online?

JR: I contribute often to Associated Press, the Monterey County Herald and Sacramento Bee, primarily about golf and cycling. I contribute periodically to and on cycling topics. I’ve owned and edited the website, since 2004.

Through the years, I’ve had bylines in most of the major newspapers in the country, the New York Times to Miami Herald and Dallas Morning News to the San Francisco Chronicle. I’ve been published in dozens of magazines, Runner’s World, local weeklies and monthlies, airline magazines and city lifestyle magazines. I’ve been associated with BlastingNews.comsince late January 2016.

When we meet up, we compare note. it is not lost on us that where each of us has prospered appeals to the other. You know, grass and green, that sort of thing. All things considered, I am sure James has had more fun. Thanks for the interview!

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