Apple versus FBI splits the country in two. Take that Trump and Hillary!

Meanwhile, a Google toy takes on an opponent 10x its size ... and loses.

Key word is disruptive.

I hear the word disruptive so often from so many different people in my Silicon Valley daily life that to not want to be disruptive is being disruptive.

My coffee shop workmates leave disruptive marks on the floor when they drag their feet. They leave disruptive marks on the wall when they bump it heading to the facilities. When it rains, we can find disruptive puddles in parking lots.

Let's do things differently. Think differently. If everybody goes that way, we'll go the other way just to see what happens. Can you say hippie?

Heart of Silicon Valley

On my left, about 3 miles away, sits Apple. Apple has decided it has played along enough, cooperated with the government to its limit, and doesn't want do it anymore. That's Apple's lead counsel's argument. "We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help out." Until they are needed.

Apple is refusing to crack open an iPhone. Give 'em a real big nickel and let's see what happens.

Apple says it's a privacy thing. And half of the US (California is abt 20% of that half) agrees with Apple. Presumably, the half that has something to hide, is afraid of Big Brother, because they have something to hide.

The other half of the country would like to catch terrorists. Terrorists no longer need to fork out huge sums for secure communication and storage. They can just use their iPhones.

Google Self-driving Car Does Evil ... sorta

On my right about 5 miles away sits Google.

Meanwhile ... one of Google's self-driving carpredicted a bus would back off if it pulled out in front of the behemoth. Wrong. Lexus versus extended bus. Lexus loses. The Google self-driving car got caught in the accordion part between the main bus and its extended backside. No music played.

Real people can't figure out what buses are going to do either.

Of course, there was some dude who filed a claim to have Google remove all its test vehicles. "We can't be using the public to test on..." or some such nonsense.

I wonder if he files petitions to drug companies, car makers, cell phone makers and and ... Isn't that how it works? Give it to the public to break, then fix it.

We love being disruptive in California. Being disruptive is our contribution to the Union. Huh?

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