There are many, many methods advertised out there for weight loss. Some are based in science. Some are based on theories. But few are based on good old fashion experience, especially from the perspective of someone who started out wanting to lose over 100lbs. Well, that person is me.

Fed up with fat

10 years ago, I decided that I wanted and needed to lose weight. I weighed over 300lbs, and I was sick and tired of diets that didn’t work. The Cabbage Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, low carb, low fat…They all worked for a week or so, but they never led to any real change.

My weight would always go back to what it was before.

Will self-help help me?

I decided that I had to come up with my own program. At the time, several famous people claimed to have the answers. So, I read the talk show host’s book, the diet guru’s book, and even exercise expert’s book. They each said things that made sense, so I took a little from each, combined that with what made sense to me, and it worked. I also added 1 additional tool.

Diet world’s best kept secret

While having my hair done at my local beautician’s shop, I overheard some ladies talking about a diet doctor whose program really worked.

I worked my way into the conversation and found out that these women had had success in weight-loss by taking diet pills. At a time when “fen-phen” had left such a bad taste in so many peoples’ mouths, I was curious to hear more so I made an appointment at the clinic to find out for myself, and that’s when I learned about Phentermine. The Diet Doctor was from the South Pacific Islands, where people tend to be overweight.

He explained to me that the fen-phen drug was dangerous because of the combination of the two drugs, but the Phentermine alone was safe and effective. He went on to explain that he prescribes several strengths of the drug, to be taken at different times throughout the day, which helps to control both hunger and cravings. I was required to be seen every two weeks to have my vitals, general health, and of course weight loss monitored.

3 steps to weight-loss

  1. Diet-12, 00 calories/day. It doesn’t sound like much, but the pills curb your appetite and cravings.
  2. Exercise-if you have 50+ lbs. to lose, you must realize that any movement is exercise, and anytime you sweat, you’re burning calories. If you are a very large person, and you cannot achieve typical exercise, don’t worry. You can start where you are. I started with moving while in a seated position. There’s a lot you can do to work up a sweat, while sitting: arm circles, touching toes, upper body bends, marching legs, etc, as long as you sweat.Even housework counts.Once I had lost enough to get out of the house and do water aerobics, the weight began to melt off.
  3. No Deprivation-I always told myself that I could have whatever I wanted to eat, as long as I stayed at 1200 calories. I could have fast food (kids meals). You must have a reliable calorie counting tool which includes restaurant items. I also used a method called, “not-today-but-tomorrow.” If I wanted a cupcake I would tell myself “I won’t have it today, but maybe tomorrow.” It really worked for me to know that I could have it tomorrow. That way, I wasn’t depriving myself. I was simply “delaying” the pleasure. I also didn’t allow myself to feel depressed. I practiced a lot of what I read in the self-help books, and maintained a positive attitude by celebrating every success! Nothing was too small to celebrate: a better food choice at those times when we don’t make the best choice, taking an extra lap around the house when going from one room to the next, not having seconds…I gave myself credit for every single thing that helped the scale to move in the right direction.

I lost 120lbs in 10 months!

The best part of this program, for me, was that it was the first time I’d had this level of success. And the changes I made are ones that fit into a normal lifestyle. If diets have left you feeling like a failure, try these tips. It may change your life.

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