In one of the most bizarre cross-promotional campaigns ever conceived,Bandai-Namco and MeatLiquor are joining forces to give away free copies of the upcoming video game Dark Souls 3.

These chicken wings are no ordinary snack

The UK-based restaurant chain is hosting a competition to find the patron who can consume twenty chicken wings in the fastest time possible. These are no ordinary chicken wings, however; each piece will be doused in an extremely spicy house concoction made from a quarter of a liter of chili sauce.

The sauce is so spicy that the chef is required to wear a mask, protective gloves and protective goggles during preparation; contestants are also required to wear protective gloves and must sign a liability waiver prior to being allowed to compete.

Says PR & Marketing Director of Bandai Namco Entertainment UK, Lee Kirton in a press release:“We’re very excited to be partnering with such an exciting food group as MeatLiquor, whose famous food, individual approach and adventurous challenges have clearly captured the interest of food enthusiasts all across the UK."

The campaign kicks off from April 4 to April 29.

The person who downs the wings the fastest at each MeatLiquor location in the UK will win a PS4 and a copy of Dark Souls 3 Collector’s Edition; the individual with the fastest time overall will also win the Prestige Edition of the game, which includes a 16-inch statue of the Lord of Cinder. All participants who succeed in braving the 20 wings will also receive a t-shirt with the phrase “I SURVIVED” as a keepsake.

Dark Souls challenge sauce is as extreme as the game

The Dark Souls franchiseis a role-playing seriesinfamous for its extreme difficulty. Lauded within the gaming community as a true test of skill, gamers reference the series (often with tongue firmly planted in cheek) when distinguishing the hardcore from the casual.

“Dark Souls 3 challenges players to overcome the odds,” says Kirton , "and we hope everyone will also enjoy the challenge of overcoming these incredibly hot wings”.

After their success with combining seemingly-unrelated things for viral marketing gold, one has to wonder if it was a missed opportunity to not invite self-proclaimed “gamer fuel” Mountain Dew into the mix.

Dark Souls 3 will be released on April 12.

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