One of the problems we all have when it comes to achieving more in life is that we think like we have always thought. I can’t explain how this works in the brain but I can tell you how it plays out in life.

We learn from our families, and from our culture how to think about everything from tying our shoes to choosing careers. The first step in thinking bigger is to realize that how you think now is largely habitual.

In some ways this is a good thing. If you had to figure out how to brush your teeth again every morning, a lot of time would be taken up just getting used to new things.

Obviously, that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Your attitudes and habits hold you back and they are not easy to change. In order to change where you are and how you want your life to look, you must first create a vision of that new situation.

Get your own vision.

First, pay close attention to what you deem a “bigger” life. This requires that you take time to examine what you truly value. There is no happiness to be found in following after a dream that isn’t even yours.

For example, one of the accepted hallmarks of a financially successful life is being able to own an expensive sports car.

(Hollywood supports this notion.)

But wait a minute! I have no interest in fast, flashy cars. I value a comfortable, reliable vehicle with room for luggage because I like road trips. If I bought into the cultural model, I might blindly lust after a Ferrari instead, thereby failing to appreciate what I have, and upon reaching my goal, find that I don’t care very much about that kind of car after all.

It doesn’t make me happy.

Take some time decide what’s really important to you.

Does thinking bigger to you mean:

  • Having more free time to spend with your family?
  • Living in a different house—larger, smaller, new neighbourhood, different area?
  • Having retirement savings in excess of a certain amount?
  • Being able to Travel frequently?

Steep yourself.

Think of yourself as a tea bag. (Stay with me here.) When you steep a tea bag, you cover it with hot water.

The tea bag and the water are different. But the steeping process turns the water into something else: tea.

When you’re going after a bigger life, you must steep yourself in the images and customs of that life. Fill your mind with new information and thoughts that support how you want your surrounding or circumstances to be when they change. Spend time imagining yourself in your new situation and pay special attention to how you feel.

If you do this, it won’t be long until the real thing surrounds you, just like that tea bag. Thinking bigger is whatever you want it to look like. The choice is yours.

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