My wife, daughter and I went on a cruise not long ago. I'll be going again in a couple of months as a guest speaker. Tough gig but somebody has to do it.

We didn't worry about rough seas. Though in some places we might. Not long ago, a cruise ship took off from a New Jersey port only to be turned around by rough seas.

US Navy is Only Afraid of One Thing

Incidentally, when I was in the Navy, there was only one thing that could cause our fleet to detour and in some cases turn around. A hurricane. Rough seas.

We might have been able to remove a small country from the map, or bury an island, but we never messed with God. When a storm said it was best to go elsewhere, we did.

Our familydidn't worry about terrorist attacks. (My daughter didn't worry about anything!) The thought of terrorism did cross our minds. We were making a stop in southern France just a couple of weeks after idiots attacked and committed murder in Paris. We trusted the cruise ship to NOT stop if a detour was warranted. We probably shouldn't have blindly trusted the cruise ship considering that some captains don't know when to turn around.

See the above paragraph.

Disasters Happen Off Ship, too.

The almost disaster that we did have happened OFF the ship. The potential disaster happened on a small island in the Mediterranean near Barcelona. We rented a car to drive across the island to visit a way out-of-the way small town. We paid for the rental with our Amex card.

Two months later, as it turns out, that card is still buying 'stuff.' Problem is that it is buying stuff that we didn't order.

Don't Mess with My Wife

My wife caught it. Disputed the charges with Amex. So far, we are only out a couple of hundred bucks that we hope to get back. However, the potential for real disaster is/was there. They purchased small items. Then bigger items. Another few charges later and we might have bought something really cool, our own yacht maybe ... but that we didn't get to enjoy.

Disaster doesn't have to be a flipped ship or a dropped bomb.

Disaster can add up in $100 increments that result in destroyed credit from identity fraud, too.

The crooks, however, met their match when my wife got involved.

Be careful. There are shysters everywhere.

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