Bryan Deister is based at Redondo Beach, California as an experimental rock musician. He is formally trained in classical, jazz, blues, progressive rock, and modern music. As a student at Berklee College of Music, he is studying diligently to keep up his writing and composition scholarship. He hopes to improve in all aspects of composing music and lead a successful music career without being a “starving” artist. Bryan writes, sings, and composes all of his music, which includes chorals, polyrhythms, and extraordinary instrumentation.

His current rock album titled Spines of the Heart was digitally released on December 22nd, 2015. The captivating sounds of his album are inspired by artists such as Nirvana, Weezer, Voltaire, and My Bloody Valentine. The physical release of his album is to be announced.

Vocal Display

Bryan does all the singing for each song. His singing is mellifluous and balanced. His profoundly melodic voice radiates quietness and airiness. Its docility brings out childlike qualities; they don't make him sound immature.

He has a colorful vocal range of high and low notes. Bryan provides an entertaining mixture of low-pitch and energetic sounds that draw me in. Unfortunately, his singing sounds quite muffled throughout the album, making it somewhat hard for me to understand exactly what he's saying for each song. I think he needs to work on pronouncing words in a clearer fashion.

Favorite song for vocals: “All That I Have”


The instrumentation is beautifully mysterious and futuristic.

It includes electronic as well as classical acoustics. I admire the alluring expression of classical piano in songs like “Nobody Angel.” Bryan does a good job of including offbeat sounds of funk banjo and rice percussion, which make the instrumentation very unconventional. The overall orchestration exudes enough tranquility to influence me to drift off into deep meditation, with its soothing characteristics.

The instrumentals of certain songs are serious and folksy while the instrumentals of others are electrifying and eccentric.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “Today”

Lyrical Essence

The lyrical essence of the music is highly introspective and sentimental. Yet it is presented with aloofness, as if Bryan allowed the unconscious mind to permeate his songwriting. Through the intrinsic focus of the song lyrics, he appears to hone in on the light and darkness of life. He carefully explores his imagination with free-spirited energy. His approach to brood reflection is very moody and heavy-hearted. The strong presence of gloom is hard to ignore in songs like “Gone.” Overall, listening to the music sort of makes me feel as though a part of me has died but in a mesmeric way.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Into The Sky”

Final Thoughts

I give the album an 8 out of 10 rating. Bryan takes listeners on a bizarre journey of disillusion and fantasy. The musical makeup is rather eerie and dreadful, yet it still maintains beauty and fascination. I think Bryan is a gifted musician, but he really needs to improve his vocal production.

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