The pride of Miami-Dade County's firefighters was on display on Friday night, as Fireman Derek Kaplan hosted his Midnight Breakfast event atthe South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Firefighters from Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, the City of Miami, Hialeah and the City of Miami Beach showcased their best "firehouse" food dishes for the public, who then voted to choose the best entry of them all.

Some highlight dishes were smokehouse brisket with hollandaise by the Key Biscayne Fire Department, Hot Fried chicken, sausage gravy and cheddar cheese on top of an angel biscuit, french toast cupcakes with frosting and a bacon topping, and "Hialeah-style" Sausage biscuits andgravy.

Model Chrissy Teigen also hosted the party with Fireman Derek and supplied her own yellow cake and oatmeal healthy dessert option to the breakfast.

Miami is a Firefighting city

The firefighters in Miami-Dade county, like those in big cities, take tremendous pride in their job. The "firehouse" dishes are what individual firefighters cook up when they are living at the firehouse with their crew. The firefighters themselves add little bits of their personalities and upbringing in the dishes they prepare to enrich the daily routines and responsibilities of their fellow employees.

Residents of the aforementioned cities could, together with greeting the firefighters at their local station house, ask if they could have lunch or dinner with them in order toget a chance to sample some of these great dishes.

Fireman Derek is a staple of Miami

Fireman Derek, who is a full-time firefighter, makes award winning pies and homemade ice cream in his spare time. His bakery and cafe is located in the burgeoning Wynwood area of Miami on 28th and North Miami Avenue.Derek's specialty pie, the classic and favorite of any Floridian, is the Key lime pie.

Visitors interested in beginning a perfect Miami day shouldorder a full Key lime pie for the family or a group of friends at work to share, and then sampleslicesof the other pies duringfuture visits.

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