Published by Writer’s Digest Books, an organization dedicated to the aspiring and emerging writer, this book is aimed at the writer who wishes to tap into the new adult fiction market. It defines new adult (NA) fiction as a category containing protagonists between the ages of 18 and 25. The category contains various genres. NA fiction can be found in dystopian, contemporary romance, paranormal, and historical genres.

Author Deborah Halverson further delineates the characteristics that set apart NA from other fiction. This particular period in most people’s lives is unsettled and people make mistakes.

All of this provides authors with many opportunities for character development, as well as plot.

What Separates NA from YA?

In describing the new adult, Halverson is careful to separate the category from the long-established category Young Adult (YA). The two categories have many things in common -- they can embrace many of the same genres, for example -- but they are also distinct. New adult characters are independent from parental control: whether they are studying physics, taking the stick on their first Mars flight, or off to seek the lost Biddledee of Yap. Halverson also dispenses with the idea the New Adult books are merely Young Adult books with sex added.

The author neither assumes experience nor inexperience on the part of readers.

She offers step-by-step direction, defining such things as “hook,” and providing exercises for readers to write their own. None of the exercises are overly time consuming.


Perhaps most helpful are descriptions and sidebar advice from others describing the publishing process, both for those who wish to publish traditionally and those who wish to self-publish and who will need to market.This includes not only “industry insider” sidebars, but checklists and warnings to vet people and organization through such organizations as Preditors and Editors and Writer Beware.

If the reader is a complete newbie, this may be a good place to start. If the reader has a little bit of experience, this might add to it.

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