It's hard for girls with long hair totie different styles everyday, because after a while they usually run out of ideas. Most girls wear box braids through summer, until fall arrives, as this hairstyle is pretty easy to maintain while being comfortable at the same time. There are some girls who chop off their hair during the summer season and then wait for it to grow so that they can try different hairstyles again in the next few days. Tying long box braids has its own disadvantages though,and this is why you wouldn’t want to wait to learn some new twisted braids styles.

Who doesn’t want to get a different look? If you’ve got some knowledge on African braiding, you'll know the multitude of styles that are there.If you don't? Well, here are some twisted braided hairstyles for you.

  1. Faux locks or Silk locks: Are you someone who loves the look of dreadlocks, but you’re not much interested in committing to it? If you answered yes, faux locks are the solution for you. Although dreadlocks use your real hair to create the look, faux locks often use extensions. This kind of hairstyle was recently donned by Zendaya and it looks extremely stylish. If you have an edgy style, you might love to create these silk locks.
  2. Havana Twists: Have you ever ofHavana twists, which look like naturally afro textured hair? This is very different from all other braiding styles which use textured synthetic hair. The two-strand braiding method resembles a dreadlock,so these are also called Marley twists. Havana twists usually use a similar kind of hair and the two-strand twist, but they are actually thicker than Marley twists.
  3. Cornrows: When it comes to braid hairstyles there will definitely be a mention of cornrows, as they are created flat through the scalp. Usually there is a belief that such braids look juvenile and boring but that is not actually the case. There are ways in which you can actually get very creative with such braids. In the cornrow style, the hair is plaited into various patterns and through alternative directions. You can also have tons of cornrows in order to keep it minimalist. That is entirelyat your discretion.
  4. Nubian twists: If you have shorter hair, Nubian twists will look superb on you. They create a springy look and are flexible enough. If you wish to have a light approach to the extensions of your hair, you can even spice them with some dyed extensions. For all kinds of short hair, you can try this kind of hairstyle.

Apart from the African braid styles, there are many other styles like the Dutch braid, the double Dutch braid, the French braid, the fishtail braid, waterfall braid, mermaid braid and many more.

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