Studies show that physical activity is good not only for the body but for the mind, too. So the race generates health and well-being, increasing life expectancy and reducing the likelihood of various diseases.

Does running helps?

Yes, it does: sedentary people, according to experts, are more likely to have trouble sleeping. People who do minimal exercise (like running for 20 minutes every day or going for a simple walk, for example) have a gain of 10% to 25% in the number of hours slept in a month.

So, spend energy tired makes the body seek it through sleep.

Running helps prevent disease:

This is because running strengthens the immune system, preventing the entry of many different types of diseases. Moreover, running helps repair the inefficient production of all cell types. People who practice run at least three times a week reduce the risk of contracting diabetes and even other diseases.

Running brings happiness:

Aerobic exercise, like running, cause the body release endorphins, the hormone responsible for mood, for the relief of stress and well-being.

It is an ally for self-stamen, combat depression and to maintain provision. The race serves as a therapy - you disconcentrates up of your problems and focus on activity gains: more concentration and reasoning power.

Running is great for the heart:

Do you want to prevent heart disease? The race is the perfect activity to improve blood flow in the coronary arteries (arteries that supply the heart). Thus, the muscle contracts more effectively.

Enhance the potential of your race:

Drink plenty of water every 20 minutes of exercise. Do not forget to do the stretching before and after the race. Use proper shoes for the activity - ones that do not overheat and do not cause any type of pain. An activity that gives strength and flexibility to the body and helps in time to run is the Yoga. Try to associate the practice of Yoga - and others, like swimming or water aerobics, for example, that benefits the breath - to improve their results on your race.

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