The deal of a lifetime is up for grabs, as the listing of the Playboy mansion for sale for a measly $200 million is out for the public to see. The catch? The famous current owner, Hugh Hefner gets to stay on after you buy the five-acre property located in Los Angles in the exclusive Holmby Hills.

Yes, you read that right, the listing for the Playboy mansion for sale also includes allowing Hefner to live there, as the famous womanizer and playboy says he will never live anywhere else than the mansion.

So, one condition of the Playboy mansion for sale is that he gets to stay, live, and work there.

Buyer must negotiate with Hefner on Playboy Mansion for sale

Potential buyersof the Playboy mansion will have to negotiate with Hefner to determine if he will be living there rent free or not. The property includes the mansion, which has 29 rooms, a game house, a home theater, and a wine cellar.There are also lots of other features, including agym, and a tennis court, as well as a swimming pool. The buyer also gets the famous grotto cave where all the Playboy bunny women mingle with guests.

If only these famous walls could talk!

The two-story mansion is built in Gothic Tudor style, and was constructed in 1927. Some don’t think the place is worth the asking price of $200 million because a larger, nearby property recently sold for $59 million. Still, that property wasn’t well-known for all the famous stars and sexual escapades that theoretically went on at the Playboy mansion.

Playboy Enterprises hoping for buyer who “has to have it”

Michael Levine, a high-profile publicist from Hollywood is someone who has been to the Playboy mansion lots of times and says the price is too high. However, it appears that Playboy Enterprises is hoping for some rich buyer who sees it’s for sale and has to have it based on its history and background.

Levine says that the party reputation of the Playboy mansion boosts its value by several million bucks.

Playboy Enterprises says it’s the right time for finding a person to buy the mansion that understands the role it plays and who can help them keep reinvesting in the act of transforming the Playboy brand.

So, if you want a mansion that has seen everything from lust, to marriages, to accusations of rape, and you don’t mind sharing the place with Hefner, then the listingshould be of interest for the chosen few that can afford it.

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