Nesbeth grew up in Trench Town West Kingston of Jamaica. This island is known for high levels of crime as well as economic challenges, so living there presented a variety of obstacles for Nesbeth. What was his escape, you ask? Music, of course! During his childhood, music served as a creative outlet for him to express troubles he encountered, which eased pain and provided emotional comfort for himself and others. Over the years of music production, he developed his own voice and has used his music to promote the welfare of vulnerable populations.

He has worked with many skilled artists to produce philanthropic songs, with inspiration stemming from artists like Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, and Whitney Houston. His critically acclaimed EPVictory was released onNovember 17th, 2014and is loved by fans from Canada to the United Kingdom.

Vocal Display

Nesbeth is the only singer of each song, apart from the phenomenal background singers. He has a very clear and tuneful singing voice, with a warm and welcoming appeal. His strong Jamaican accent does not hinder me from understanding words to the songs, and its fascinating sound draws me in.

His voice is very smooth and relaxing to listen to. It truly embodies the reggae vibes of singers like Bob Marley, with an undeniable power to move the soul. I can assure you, dear reader, that Nesbeth’s singing is easy on the ears and can put you in a good mood.

Favorite song for vocals: “Jah Jah Handpick”


The instrumentation has traditional characteristics of reggae music: smooth, warm, sweet-sounding, rhythmic, and colorful.

I could identify some instruments being played in the songs, such as horns, drums, percussion, and possibly piano. The instrumentals are generally upbeat, with the kind of musical composition that may greatly compel you to dance. The melodies are easy and soothing, which complements the compassion of Nesbeth’s voice. I consider “Marijuana” to be the most moving song instrumentally, with the sensational touch of the electric guitar.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “Marijuana”

Lyrical Essence

Nesbeth takes a no-nonsense approach to the lyrical essence of his songs. The lyrics are down-to-earth and have a highly intellectual appeal. They really encourage me to contemplate about what is truly valuable in life, with an optimistic outlook. Furthermore, they collectively carry a strong message of hope and resilience through hardships. Each song packs a punch fit for winning in this life’s spiritual warfare, as he confidently takes a stand against the troublesome evils of the world. He sings against materialism, greed, violence, hardheartedness, and more.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Taste Victory”

Final Thoughts

I give this music a 9 out of 10 rating. I believe Nesbeth deserves to be heard by a wider audience and shows he is an artistic role model for other upcoming musicians. I sense sincere enthusiasm in his music. Enjoy listening to his EP with the link below.

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