William Powell: Height / Weight?

Neva Krauss:5' 6, 115lbs

WP: Describe how you got into the modeling business?

NK:I was sixyears old when my grandmother took me to a modeling class, and I started learning and doing fashion shows and photo shoots after that.

WP: Type of modeling you're best at?

NK:I've done every form of modeling there is -- from runway, to print work, mannequin/freeze modeling, tearoom modeling, promotional modeling, live spokes-modeling, and commercials.

I think I'm really good at runway, print, and spokes-modeling.

I love the runway walk, it's so much fun, and I love fashion.

WP: What makes you stand out?

NK:I think what makes me stand out is my attitude, and my walk when I'm modeling on the runway; I have developed my own style of walking. I also think it's my positive energy.I exude energy. I have what's called stage presence.

WP: What’s been your favorite modeling job?

NK:Hard to say what my favorite modeling job has been. I love it all, everything I've done has been great -- all of it.

WP: Favorite book?

NK:I love to read.

I love so many books, but I think one that stands out is"Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. I love to read many types of genres. One of my favorite writers is John Roses, and one of my favorite science-fiction authors is Ray Bradbury.

WP: What’s your unique Super Power?

NK:I don't know if this is a super power, but I have the ability to see both sides of an argument. To understand where each person is coming from and to see their perspective as though it was my own.

I am highly empathic. I wish I had the super power to become invisible and be like a fly on the wall and listen to conversations without people knowing that I was there.

WP: Favorite model besides yourself?

NK:My favorite model is Tyra Banks. She has done so much to impact other people and change their lives. She has launched many other models' careers and has given back to the community and the country.

She has built for herself an empire and continues to grow as a human being and inspire others.She has stood the test of time as a model and continues to speak out on women's issues.She has changed the face of modeling.

WP: What do you do for fitness?

NK:I workout at LA Fitness; I have a lifetime membership there. I work out at least three times a week and here's what I do: I do stair climbing for about 20 minutes; I climb about 400 stairs. Then I do some weight training; I do the circuit and that's about an hour working all the muscles. And then I do some more cardio--either the treadmill, the elliptical, or the stationary bike,andI also stretch and work my abs as well.

I do that 3 times a week.I have recently changed my diet. I now mostly eat a plant-based whole grain diet. As a result I've lost weight and feel so much better and healthier.

WP: What charities do you support?

NK:When it comes to charities, I support the house of Ruth and local needy families in the Baltimore area.

WP: Describe yourself in one word?

NK:I guess the word that best describes me is grateful. I am very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that I've been given, all the lovely people I know, and I think life is an amazing adventure for which I'm very grateful for.

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