If Paul Elio's dream comes true, the cheap, three-wheel, 84 mpg vehicle he invented and spent years designing, promoting and soliciting the gain the public's trust to embrace, will debut by the end of 2016.

The vehicle, called The Elio, will feature a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine with 70 horsepower and a top speed of 100 mph, according to the manufacturer’s website.

With a projected cost of $6,800, the Elio will be the cheapest, street legal vehicle (it’s not classified as a car yet) in the United States.

It will includes an eight-gallon gas tank with a range of 672 miles.

Originally scheduled for debut in early 2015, the anticipated debut of the Elio has been delayed several times as the manufacturer continues to collect sufficient funding.

Nearly 50,000 interest buyers have placed deposits of a minimum of $100 to receive early purchasing access to the vehicle, according the company's website.

Elio Motors plans to use 95% American parts and American labor. The Elio will be built in the abandoned General Motors assembly plant in Shreveport, LA.

It will be sold at specialized retail centers in the top 60 markets across the United States and will be available in eight colors.

Elio standard equipment will include: a reinforced roll cage and airbags for safety, radio, air conditioning and power windows.

The latest prototype of the Elio was shown last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Most recently, Elio announced it has produced two commercials that will soon be broadcast of various cable television networks.

The 30 and 60-second commercials are titled “Own The Future.” The vehicle in the spots in Elio’s P4 prototype.

Elio, the narrator in the commercials, discusses his determination to change the course of society with his low-cost, high efficiency vehicle.

According to the press release, Elio's goal is to strengthen American manufacturing, create American jobs, provide access to low-cost mobility for millions of people and reduce overall oil consumption.

The commercials will air on national cable networks, including Animal Planet, ESPN News, ESPNU, Fox Business Network, Fox News, Fox Sports, National Geographic and Velocity. Elio Motors is also in the midst of its first stock offering.

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