Happy 2016 everyone!

It is not only a new day, but it is a New Year.

Now is the time that many of us makeNew Year'sresolutions. These are our goals that we want to keep (badly) and succeed with. Many of us end up not starting our resolutions until the day after January 1st, we end up quitting on them, or we simply don't followthrough at all.

This is the year to keep our resolutions and do the best wecan to complete them.

Here are 5 tips on how to succeed on your New Years resolutions:

1. Be Realistic

First things first, choose a resolution which is attainable.

If you pick one that is impossible to complete (such as losing 20 lbs. in 7 days) then you will be discouraged from the beginning when you are not making progress.

Pick something you know you can work at, at a pace that makes sense, and one that you will see progress in. Resolutions are not made to be completed in one day or even one week. Saying you're going to work out 16 days each month is realistic. Saying you will work out every day of January, is not.

Once you have a realistic goal you will be able to achieve it, and experience more happiness along the way as you see yourself getting closer to it.

2. Don't Overdo It

Once you are working on your New Year's resolution, you might be on such a roll that you want tokeep going harder and harder at it.

Make sure you don't exhaust yourself or overdo it. It is so easy to get wrapped up in something. If you are doing a great job continue on, but do not forget about the other things in your life. The New Year's resolution is not something that should take over your world.

Family, friends, loved ones, hobbies, work - everything that goes on in our everyday lives will still matter immensely. Do not lose sight of that, but make your life well rounded with your New Year's Resolution.

For those of you with health issues, going too hard on yourself might lead to more complications - avoid that at all costs! It will help keep everything in focus and taking a breather here and there will also help.

3. Take Breaks

With taking a breather, I also mean to tell you to take actual breaks.

It's nice to have our minds relax for a bit. Remember what it's like when your mind is racing or when you are overworked? The same thing can occur with your resolutions.

Breaks are great after all! Go for a stroll, do something fun, forget about your resolution for a bit (but not entirely), Try to put it in the back of your mind anddon't let itbe the #1 thing on your mind all the time.

Indulge in your hobbies to make taking breaks fun. Try something new, too - and if that happens to be your resolution, return to your old hobbies for comfortnow and then.

Taking breaks has never felt so good as when you're working hard at a goal.

4. Reward Yourself

Even if you are only two weeks into your resolution, give yourself a little reward!

It can be something like buying yourself a small treat (food or non-food) to spending a day out on the town or putting smiley face stickers onto your refrigerator.

Rewards are a good way of keeping us going and keeping our mind on the prize - obtaining our resolution and not quitting!

Rewards worked when we were children, and they will work for us now. Make sure you pick something you will like as a reward.

5. Speak your Achievements and Fears with Other

Lastly, many of us do not do this and it could be the game changer of it all.

Talk to someone. Tell them your New Years resolutions. Tell them what you want to obtain, how you are going to go about it, and even more so - what you are afraid of within the process.

If you are afraid of quitting, say it out loud. It might not be the best feeling, but once you acknowledge your fears as well as your plan, everything will be more clear to you.

There is always something we fear, a risk associated, or an uncomfortable feeling with something we do not want to happen. Be the brave person, face the fears as you work on your resolutions. You will only be pushed to succeed more throughout the process.

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