Christmas is one of the most festive holidays and people celebrate it all over the world. It is usually celebrated within the family circle, which means that not as many people decide to travel in search for new experiences. We are all wondering what people from other countries eat for Christmas, so here is a list of the dishes that may seem a little bit strange to us since we eat pretty much the same food for Christmas every year. Of course, we enjoy that food since it is a part of our family tradition.

Jello Molds

This dish dates from the 1950s, when molds were in vogue, and is one of the most popular deserts in America. It would be much easier if only desserts were prepared this way, but there are also salads prepared with gelatin. One of those famous salads contains cheese, pineapple, peppers, celery, pecans and heavy cream. The list of the ingredients alone is enough to make it hard to imagine someone enjoying this jiggly salad.

Jello Mold is an artificially flavored food that is not healthy, so just remember that gelatin is prepared by extracting glutinous material from animal bones by boiling.

Anyway, we don't envy the people who eat this as a part of their Christmas dinner.

Mincemeat pie

This is a pie of British origin and it can be traced to the 13th century, probably brought to Europe by the crusadersbased onMiddle Eastern recipes. It is hard to conclude whether it is a main dish or a dessert. The doubt appears as soon as you see the list of the ingredients which include beef fat, meat, and a range of fruits and spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

These ingredients are mixed together and baked in a pie crust. The pie is both savory and sweet, there are modern versions without the meat, but the fat remains as the main ingredient. If you are not that picky about food, like Joey from the popular TV show Friends, you should definitely try this pie.


This dish can be enjoyed in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Minnesota. It is made by taking salted and dried whitefish and soaking it in water for a couple of days and then in lye water for two days.

A final product is a gelatinous fish served with pea stew, bacon, potatoes, and goat cheese. It is good to try new things but still we can't quite figure out why they take perfectly good fish and make it look like gelatin.

Pinnekjøtt – Stick Meat

Pinnekjøtt is lamb or sheep meat that has been dried and salted, or even smoked in some occasions. The Vikings used this technique of meat preservation when traveling long distances. Before cooking, it is soaked in water to rinse out the salt. When it is served, it looks gray and the smell is still present. Cook this only if you have some smoked and salted sheep meat laying around in your apartment.

Vitel Toné

This is a traditional Christmas dish from Argentina made from veal or beef with a tuna mayonnaise sauce served as a salad, since December is a very hot month in that region. The idea of putting canned tuna in mayonnaise with anchovy does not sound much like Christmas. Of course, such combinations of meat and fish are becoming increasingly popular and there are some really good ones, but it’s just weird to serve this dish at the Christmas table, although people are saying that it tastes amazing.

Oxtails stew in peanut butter sauce - Kare-Kare

This is a traditional Christmas dish in the Philippines.

This Filipino stew of oxtail, eggplant, and green beans in a sauce thickened with peanut butter is served with white rice and bagoong alamang, which is a shrimp paste. Filipinos traditionally do not sleep during the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so this dish is usually served at midnight. If they wait so long to eat this dish, it must be good.

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