The extraordinary Jubilee, announced by Pope Francis, will be opened on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 in Vatican, Rome, with a clear message pointed towards to all humanity: mercy.

An enormously deep message that means to feel compassion for other people's misery (moral and/or spiritual) which can be realized through deeds of charity.

Before going ahead yet, it's useful to make some clarity about some questions, for example: "What really is a Jubilee? What is Pope Francis's purpose?"

"Jubilee" derives from the Jewish the word of Jewish language "yobel", in other words "buck", inasmuch as that feast day used to be announced through the sound produced by blowing through a buck's horn.

The first Jubilee, the purpose of which was to grant plenary indulgence, was opened by Pope Boniface VIII in 1300, who established a frequency of celebration every one hundred years. Throughout the centuries, however, the frequency has been changed many times, until Pope Paul II showed up and established it every twenty-five years.

Starting from year 1475, with Pope Sixtus IV, to nowadays, every Jubilee was regularly celebrated with a twenty-five years frequency; the last one was heralded in 2000 by Pope John Paul II.

Today, Pope Francis addresses his message to believers and non-believers alike, preaching that this year must be in the name of forgiveness, human reconciliation, inasmuch pain and terrible News are pervading the planet earth.

Starting from the message of mercy, this Jubilee already sounds very different than others, and it will be extraordinary as it will be celebrated before the twenty-five year span.

According to Cardinal Kasper, German theologian, this year the Jubilee will be in the name of meditation, forgiveness and reflection about sin. The Pope, moreover, doesn't forget to remind all of us that forgiveness of sin must be always look for and desired. The reason because Pope Francis has felt preassure to open an extraordinary Jubilee, could be tied to the recent terrorist attacks and consequences related to them, that the whole world must be face, to help us remember that we all are lost little sheep to lead back to the right way.

The last extraordinary Jubilee was opened by Pope John Paul II in 1983, which called to itself millions of believers from all around the world. We are confidant that Pope Francis' Jubilee will do the same.

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